The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th May 2020

It was a wonderful evening; great company, great food, more alcohol than was good for me. A late night, a very late night in fact as I was preparing for bed and MasterB asked to go out. The positive from that was that I drank lots of water which staved off what would have doubtless been a headache in the morning. But I woke with a very blocked nose, and continued blowing it for some time. I think the blocked nose is also due to alcohol, and it is a good deterrent. MasterB is outside now, but as both Hartley and Romeo are also in the garden he is not exactly strolling his demesne. I think he’s lurking in a flowerbed waiting for them to move on so he can enjoy himself.

I have had a fairly lazy day. Late nights mean late mornings, but I still didn’t get my full quota of sleep. I did a little shopping, including buying the paper and some milk for last night’s hosts, B&J, and biscuits for Celia. She didn’t specify what kind of biscuits, other than saying (by text) she did not want chocolate ones. That still left a fairly wide choice, and faced with that choice in M&S I called. Just as well I did, because otherwise I should probably have bought the pistachio and almond ones, forgetting Charlie’s aversion to almonds.

Naturally some of last night’s chat was about Cummings. I mentioned the interview I had seen with his father-in-law. If you missed it, click here, but I do advise you to take care of your jaw or you may find it crashing painfully to the floor. It is scarcely credible that someone could hold these views, but it seems his father had an equally abhorrent attitude to those outside his circle.

Back to today. I was doing a good job of reading the paper and planning to follow J’s advice and listen to Hilary Mantel being interviewed as part of the Hay Festival but I could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Just a little siesta I thought, and lay down on the bed where MasterB at once joined me. I think I slept for about two hours. Lovely. Except I missed the interview. Today has been a rare day, one without a good walk. I so rarely have these lazy days and I have enjoyed it. By my side is Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and the Light which I intend to go on with when I have put this post up. Like many, I have struggled to read in lockdown. The whole bizarreness of the situation is distracting. I have read newspapers and magazines, but only the lightest of fiction. That I have been engrossed in The Mirror and the Light this afternoon seems a sign that I may be getting over that, which is a relief.

The whole trajectory of lockdown is so strange. It was disorientating when people were rushing to buy loo rolls, and every can vanished from the supermarket shelves, but that now seems a long time ago. When people read about this time in the future will they understand the subtle changes that have occurred? Will we have a collective amnesia about how quickly we got used to not being to visit our friends, how many shops were closed, and how we learned to queue to go into shops that were open, standing on lines taped or painted on the pavements two metres apart, how the nature of the usual litter in the street changed to include discarded face masks and latex gloves?

I read that as lockdown eases hospital trusts are preparing for a new wave of cases in July and August. We’re not over this yet.

Stay safe, keep well.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 30th May 2020

  1. Subtle changes. Friday, standing in the queue to enter our produce market, watching the folks in their designated spots sporting fashionable face covering and swaying to the Cajun Accordionist’s Reggae version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, I had a tearful moment thinking that if this is our new reality it is very jolly here in our little bubble. Meanwhile, there are protesters in the streets and who knows what the virus may wreak before the year’s end. Will we be looking back on these days fondly as when there was still a line to queue in and an accordionist entertaining us?

  2. Yes. There is no way that this is over. They were saying today that about 5% of the population of the UK have had coronavirus. So that leaves 95% of us still vulnerable to it.

    Perhaps, as they say, it is the end of the beginning.

  3. Mind you, I don’t want to believe that it’s only 5%. We’ve had 60,000 excess deaths related to the pandemic so far, in UK. I want to believe that at least 10% of the population have had coronavirus.

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