The Coronavirus Diaries, 1st June 2020

A very quick post tonight as I plan to go to das Boot tomorrow and I still have things to do. Part of our conversation yesterday evening was about how the government seems to be following what people are doing rather than the science. If that’s the way they are going to continue by next week it’ll be no holds barred close contact with as many people as you like, wherever you want. I say this having observed a general further relaxation in attitudes to social distancing on a brief excursion on the main road. One young woman even weaved between us on the pavement on a bicycle. People strolled in groups chatting as though the number of new cases in the UK had dwindled to nothing rather than still being measured in hundreds. Celia and I were standing a respectable two metres away from Fred who we saw in Faraday Gardens when two young men, bare chested, showing off their six packs, walked nonchalantly side by side between us in the space we had left.

Celia’s going to water my plants while I am away, including these in a wall planter given to me by Michèle for my birthday.

Birthday wall planter

That’s a bit of our lovely walls behind it.

I am disappointed to hear from Stuart that he did not work on das Boot at the weekend as planned, and now intends to do it next week. I had been looking forward to a new blind in the galley and a CD player that works.

MasterB does not know of the delights in store for him. He has completely ignored his travel basket which is sitting on the landing, and I am hoping he is not going to disappear into a drawer under the bed just before I want to set off. I had thought there might be no photographs of him afloat this year, but with luck I’ll get a few nice ones while we are away.

Stay safe, keep well.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 1st June 2020

  1. Best wishes for a wondrous trip outside your postcode. We are in curfew tonight and the next few nights just as the mandatory shelter-in-place order was lowered to a “strongly suggest.” Possibly just in case the 101st Airborne is sent to bomb us.

    In the game of “who has the more dysfunctional government”, I believe it is now your move.

    Travel safe, send pictures.

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