The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th June 2020

I seem to have an ok connection this morning so I am going to take advantage and post some pictures now.

Snakehall Farm

Plants for sale

Come in

Increased choice

Salad for lunch

Sleeping beauty

Visiting swan


Moorhen approaching

Construction worker

Sunshine on a grey evening

8 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th June 2020

    • Thanks Octavia. I hope the weather will be more photography friendly in the coming days. Right now I am enjoying watching MasterB listening to the duck on the roof of the boat.

  1. Enjoying the photos Isobel, and always what you have to say while floating on your boat! Has to be a very nice change for you. I would love a place to hide away. We have Moorhens on the pond. We call them pond chickens here… Common Gallinule. Our usual couple is here on the bank picking at the water. I am sure we will see their brood shortly. Last year only one of their young survived. It still wanders around with them.

    • Thanks Pix. It’s a beautiful evening here now, but very cold for the time of year, but the wind has dropped and there’s quite a lot of blue sky. I have opened the windows as I have been cooking and I need the condensation to clear, but I shall close them as soon as I can.

  2. I’m loving how the birds think they own the joint – you people and cats are the interlopers. Excellent photo of just how plush MasterB can be..

    • It’s the spiders who really think they own das Boot. P,use, now that’s a word I have never applied to the boy. Shall try it out. 😺

  3. It’s lovely to share your “new” daily lockdown life, Isobel!
    Lively pictures of vibrant moments!!!
    Happily enough you can spend those difficult times in a peaceful and somehow secluded surroundings!
    Stay fit and sound.

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