The Coronavirus Diaries, 7th June 2020

Still afloat, still loving being in the countryside, still dealing with boat issues. The weather has continued in its variable spring mode, but it has been a touch warmer with more sunshine and less rain. I am not shedding my jumper just yet though.

I slept well again, nine hours I think, and it was MasterB sitting on me staring at my closed eyes willing me to get up and give him breakfast that finally woke me up. I obliged and made my own too. Before I went to bed last night I wrote a list of provisions I wanted. So once MasterB was sleeping off his breakfast and the pots were washed I went to the farm shop. I was worrying that I should soon run out of cash so I was very pleased to see a sign telling me how I could pay by bank transfer. I filled my bags with fresh veg, some apples, and one newly laid egg.

At the Co-op I bought soft fruit, more oat cakes and some Marmite. When I unpacked it and tried to find room for everything I reflected that I seem to be settling in for another week afloat. I need to add cat food and alcohol free beer to my purchases if that’s the case. That’ll mean a trip to Newmarket I reckon.

Stuart came to install the new galley blind. We also refilled the water tank which was depleted by my constant running the taps to see if the water was hot.

MasterB was not impressed, but although he didn’t come out to greet Stuart, he didn’t flinch when Stuart was near him. However when I was making my dinner, a curry so lots of veg chopping, he was pretty vocal. So were the ducks. They were marching along the gunwales and stomping on the roof. I could see the boy was starting to feel intimidated, so I built him a semi-citadel so he was less exposed. It worked.

Evening visitor

On the strut

Last night he was bolder, staring at them through the windows, and turning his head to follow their movements as they walked on the roof above him. I have pictures but the internet connection, which has allowed me to upload two photos, is no longer cooperating. Maybe tomorrow.

The man with the day boat beside where the moorhens are nesting went out on a fishing trip, so while I worked on cleaning window frames I took breaks to try to photograph them. I wasn’t very successful. A walker on the other side of the river, coming from the direction of Ely, stopped, as I did returning from my car, to watch a heron in flight.

The only downside other than less than seasonally warm weather was a reminder of attitudes I come across far more often in the country than in the town. I was chatting to a man who thought I was photographing his car. I wasn’t, flowers were my subject. It was all going quite amicably until he stated that he couldn’t understand why people were so upset about the killing of George Floyd. He went on to say many people are killed every day, what was so special about this murder? I tried to explain, but I don’t think I made much headway. He moved onto coronavirus and at least we agreed the government hasn’t handled things well. Then he said it would have been worse had Corbyn been in charge. That was a real WTF moment. Are there people still trying to say we are lucky to have Johnson because he isn’t Corbyn? It’s hardly an endorsement, and we don’t know what Corbyn would have done, so the whole thing is ridiculous. I made my excuses and went back to my boat.

Stay safe. Keep well.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 7th June 2020

    • I need to get MasterB off the boat to stretch his legs, sniff and get some mental stimulation. He was desperate do that last night but I was on my way to bed and not to be persuaded. He got as far as the gunwale this morning but then opted for inside.

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