The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th June 2020

I am still thinking about George Floyd and all the issues his murder raises. Thank-you to the people who made such interesting comments. They have given me much to think about. So tonight I am going to let those thoughts percolate, and write about other things.

Jeckells, the firm who made the original upholstery covers, has been in touch and Mr Jeckell no less is going to come to das Boot so he can give me a quote on Thursday. Jeckells are a very well know firm, and I am expecting the quote to be high, so I was grateful to Stuart for giving me the name of someone else I have now contacted so I shall have prices to compare. If Jeckells can’t supply the same material as before, and I am guessing it won’t, then a cheaper source will be my preference. I have been wondering if Impala can be used on boats. Maybe the London Upholsterers are back at work and I can ask them.

Slowly slowly the ticks are growing on my to do list. Stuart is doing much of it – new light in the galley tonight and the opportunity for me to meet his lovely dog Rio. Rio sat on me and I sat on the grass. MasterB his from Stuart under the pillows. Rio is only nine months old so very much a puppy still. He spent quite a while studying the bees.

The ducks seem to have decided I am a dead loss as a food source, so maybe no more pictures like these.

Who’s that on the gunwale?

Listening to ducks above his head

On the other hand the boy may still be in a citadel.

In his semi-citadel

I cleaned most of the windows, inside and out, using Anne Guy’s method. I stopped because my cloth was filthy, and my arm was aching. The results are very pleasing. I stood on the path and admired them.

MasterB has a new stock of food thanks to a car trip by me to Newmarket. I also went to Tesco, a supermarket I tend to avoid, especially since it took a government hand out to pay workers furloughed in lockdown, then paid out much the same amount to its shareholders.

This branch has been enlarged since I was last there, the car park, big before, it is now enormous. The shop was fairly empty and social distancing was easy. The woman at the check out said that not one member of staff had been ill. I stocked up on more Becks Blue, low sugar baked beans (an excellent boating breakfast), and vegan chocolate covered rice cakes.

Oddly I haven’t touched any of it yet, the main ingredients of both lunch and dinner being from Snakehall Farm. After lunch MasterB decided on a post prandial cuddle and curled up beside me in the sunny forecabin. A great excuse to sit and read for a while. Because yes today has been warm. I woke to blue skies. I don’t think they are going to last, but gosh it’s nice to have them, and they make being at das Boot even better, and even if I didn’t have an appointment with Mr Jeckell I do think I should be in any hurry to return to London.

Washing is a bit of an issue. I have three pairs of knickers on my tiny improvised washing line, but I managed to spill some of my dinner on a clean t shirt, so some sponging before bedtime I reckon.

I am writing this on a word processing app because the internet is again elusive. MasterB is making signs that he might be interested in a stroll, so afterwards I’ll see if I get lucky. Pictures will. E a happy extra.

Stay safe, keep well.


4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th June 2020

  1. My apologies, but this sentence made me think you were now farming insects: “Slowly slowly the ticks are growing on my to do list.” It was that kind of surreal day watching the funeral while trying to “work” in a world when “virtual” is now “reality.” I am envious of your material boat-related issues that can and will be addressed.

    • You might not be so envious today. It is supposed to be dry this afternoon, but the rain is falling steadily after a lull of an hour or so. I am resigned to a lazy day onboard, reading, wiping surfaces, waiting for yesterday’s washing to dry in the bathroom.

    • I shall see how the windows look when the rain stops and they are dry once more. I had intended to do the port side today, but they will have to wait.

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