The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th June 2020

A very short post tonight, but even so I am over the midnight hour and therefore into 12th June.

I have come back to London. I love the space I have in my flat after the very restricted space on das Boot, but am already thinking about when I shall return to the space of the fens. MasterB may think otherwise. He was delighted to be in the garden, even though both Romeo and Hartley were there. I have things I still need to attend to on das Boot, and the sooner the better, But it is nice to know I can walk down the road to Celia and Michèle. At home I can access notes I need for podcasts. I can also check my post. That is satisfying and reassuring, or not. I can also do laundry and get clean clothes.

My immediate feeling as I entered inner London was not the usual “I’m home!” but more, “Oh there’s Canary Wharf. I am nearly home.”
Will the Coronavirus effect last? I don’t know.

I love London, it’s been my home for most of my life, but I grew up in the country, and as I age, I am more and more drawn to greenery, but a greenery with good public transport. And a dog who will get on with MasterB. Maybe one like Stuart’s Rio.



5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th June 2020

  1. “A dog for MasterB” sounds like the title of a children’s book you now need to write as you pursue the proper pup. Upon the occasion of our pal’s retirement her English friend rejoiced that Anne could now get a dog again. Is this a retirement requirement in the UK?

    • Maybe you are right. I am not quite ready for retirement though Coronavirus and the attendant loss of income is pushing me in that direction, but I am thinking of reducing the amount of work I do (which sounds crazy since currently I have no paid work, but assuming it comes back) and therefore I should have time to look after a dog properly.
      Dog ownership is one of those deferred gratification things for when we have the space, time and means.

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