The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th June 2020

Last night’s supper with Octavia was great. The Grey Ninja was very welcoming and affectionate, and it goes without saying that the company was excellent. Tonight I have another supper date, this one’s by zoom. B&J, H&J and I will be eating and talking, drinking as well, in just over half an hour, so I need to write and post this quickly.

MasterB is in the garden, hiding from Romeo, Hartley and Mr Manx who are circling anyone who they see in the hope there might be food. I’ll pop out with a sachet and some biscuits and try to rescue my boy.

My dead FitBit came back to life when threatened with the electrical recycling, but as we had a storm in the middle of the day – MasterB hid in the darkest place he could find while thunder rumbled overhead – and I have been working on a podcast, I haven’t done a lot of walking. However I completed the podcast and sent it to two platforms. I have another one in the pipeline which I’ll probably get done next week. Onwards and upwards.

I saw one of my newly returned neighbours who had been with her boyfriend in Cheshire. Her eyes widened when she described the lack of social distancing displayed by many shoppers on the Walworth Road. It does seem that the next wave is almost inevitable. Will all schools close again? Will the restrictions return? Johnson et al seem to want to get us all out and shopping as much as possible, so I can’t see the government being all that keen to put our safety over the economy. I may be wrong.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the London Camera Exchange so it’ll be interesting, and I hope no more than that, to see how busy the Strand is. If I feel it’s safe, I may venture up to Covent Garden.

Watch this space.

Stay safe, keep well.

12 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 17th June 2020

  1. I’m glad you had a great time with Octavia yesterday and wish you have a good time this evening too, despite the little time available!

    • We had a lovely evening. It wasn’t too short a time, or did you think we only had half an hour to eat? I meant we were zooming in a half an hour!

  2. Our government is putting economy ahead of safety, so it is up to us to keep ourselves safe. We have ventured out twice to restaurants. At our breakfast spot I didn’t feel as safe as going into a grocery. The second place was a very nice restaurant in a nearby town where we left feeling very safe. There were only three other people dining in a large dining room and all employees had masks. We had a wonderful turkey reuben. But going out still scares me so now I will stay in for a while. I am seeing less people wearing masks when in public places. Nitwits.

    • Non essential shops were allowed to open on Monday. So far I haven’t been in one, though I confess I am longing for Robert Dyas, an ironmongers, to reopen. Restaurants and cafés are still closed doing take away service only. I haven’t been wearing a mask, but it is required now on all public transport and I shall probably take a bus today.

      • We have no national leadership so states are determining openings. Michigan has opened restaurants at 50% capacity and other non-essentials are opening with people encouraged to wear masks in enclosed places. I read in the paper last week-end that very large retailers where I live have a low rate of mask wearing. People don’t wear masks on the street or in the parks – but are urged to keep social distancing. The US has not lowered its number of new cases or hospitalizations so saying there will be another spike in the fall takes on a different meaning.

      • I prefer scarves and bandanas – easy to pull up when encountering people on the street or entering shops – and pull down again to breathe and smell the roses.

  3. So glad you enjoyed our evening together – so did I, Isobel. And, as you say, the Grey Ninja Showed an unusual level of affection.

    I don’t know if it’s because she’s getting older, or if it’s the impact of lockdown.

    Re the pandemic – we are nowhere near a second wave. We are still in the first wave.

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