The Coronavirus Diaries, 18th June 2020

The rain has cleared the air of the sticky mugginess and although there are some light grey clouds, the sky is again blue. The forecast remains unsettled for the next few days, so I think I shall not return to das Boot before Monday.I have been gathering up some notes, printing articles I have found online for something I want to research. I have also been searching without success for three lost objects in my flat. They are none of them where they should be, so I am guessing that at some point I have thought they would be better somewhere else. That I can’t find them suggests I should have been wise to leave them where they were.

I went up to the Strand, wearing my mask on the near empty bus as is now required. It was raining a little and there was hardly anyone about. The LCE did not want to buy the cameras I had taken with me but sounded interested in the OM-1 which I had left at home.

In Covent Garden loud music played from one of the business premises, but there was little that was open. Preparations were being made for the hoped return of customers. In one bar workers were doing a deep clean. It was a similar story in the Jubilee Market.

Jubilee Market

Covent Garden in the rain

A few people sat around drinking coffee from cardboard cups. Arrows on adhesive signs on the the ground described a one way system which I missed completely until I suddenly realised there was an arrow coming towards me.

This way

More signs showed where to stand in a queue that was yet to materialise, others reminded us to keep apart.

No shoppers yet

Keep your distance

The piazza was empty.

Empty Piazza

Hand sanitiser was everywhere. Signs on shops declared their intention to open soon.

Re-opening soon

In some ways it was more disorientating and alien than when Celia and visited and the place was deserted.

I caught another bus home and made some lunch.

Stay safe, keep well.


4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 18th June 2020

  1. This re-opening business is so interesting. Those of us with lots of income are disinclined to engage with commerce beyond our basic requirements. Those who are barely getting by are still spending all they have. Both our economies are based on the spending of the former. Those most likely to be sickened are the ones most likely to spend.

  2. Coming out of lockdown is more complicated than going in. It was easier to keep safe when there were few opportunities out there. Now it’s a case of gauging individually how careful to be, and there are more temptations to get out and about.

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