The Coronavirus Diaries, 22nd June 2020

Back on the boat and it’s more than warm. There was definitely more road traffic than last time, but again I did not drink coffee at breakfast time so there was no need for a loo stop en route. My seating cushions have been returned. Jeckells have done a very good job. I can understand why they are so well regarded and successful. I am very pleased.

I had texted Janet and there where eggs waiting for me to collect. I have seen two kestrels, the wood pigeons are being noisy, the geese were in the field last time I looked. MasterB has just emerged from under the quilt, has eaten his dinner and is now looking with some interest at the windows from his position on the floor. There were more people here when I arrived, I am guessing some of them had been on their boats for the weekend, but most have gone. The only ones remaining are at the far end of the marina, so MasterB may be brave enough to go ashore for walk before I want to go to bed. It won’t get dark until ten, but I am already tired, so I may not last that long.

Not a bad view

I’ve wiped down inside the boat, cleared some cobwebs and spider poo, but the spiders who have built their webs outside the windows have a stay of eviction until tomorrow.

The only thing to mar this socially distanced beautiful evening is another email message from the bossy neighbour. I have forwarded it to Celia as it makes no sense to me, though the tone is clearly unpleasant, to see if it makes sense to her.

I shall not be checking messages in that email account for the time being. Sometimes a poor internet connection is a blessing. It would be nice to hear the cuckoo, or see a kingfisher, though for the moment the peace and quiet and the songs of birds I can’t see and probably couldn’t name is enough.

Stay safe. Keep well.


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