The Coronavirus Diaries, 26th June 2020

Before I went to bed last night I managed to look at today’s forecast. Fine until nine then hours when there was a very high chance of stormy showers. I decided I should get up at seven, reakfast, shower etc and then retire to the fastness of das Boot and be a comfort to MasterB. I Woke just before seven and quickly realised the rain had started. It was pattering on the roof with sturdy regularity, but unaccompanied by thunder or lightning. I turned over and went back to sleep, MasterB lying somewhat heavily on my legs. When I woke an hour or more later the sun was shining. There was no storm all morning but blue skies and a lot of humidity, fortunately accompanied by a refreshing breeze. This allowed for some washing on my makeshift line.


The broom handle makes a good support and I managed to wash and dry my pyjamas and yesterday’s clothes with ease. Very satisfying. MasterB is not so keen on my other domestic activities. Onboard I vacuum daily. The open windows mean a fair amount of dust and debris blows in and it seems neither MasterB nor I am reticent about shedding hair onto the carpet. He doesn’t much like me cooking either, but then he seems to regard that as a love rival when we are London, so I suppose it’s the same thing here.

The forecast mendaciously said it would be stormy at four. A few drops of rain fell and there was some cloud, but you couldn’t call it a storm. I looked again: a 87% chance of rain at five. There was some distant thunder, it became quite blowy, but again no rain. The forecast updated to rain at six. Six came and went under blue skies. I haven’t looked again, but I am hoping the rain promised for tomorrow morning also does not materialise. and that Sunday remains dry too. It can rain in the night, every night; that would be perfect. Just no storms.

My neighbours have just arrived. I am guessing they’ll be off out tomorrow, but I was able to share the carp news with James who I have seen wielding a fishing rod out of the back of their boat. I had forgotten it is Friday night, and quite a few people have turned up. It’s unlikely MasterB will want to go ashore if he hears people out and about. He seems incredibly sensitive to noise on the marina, refusing to venture out even if the conversation is a good distance away.

It’s not as socially distanced as during the week, but I am confident that I can remain two metres away from everyone with much greater ease than in London. Or even in Newmarket. The marina owner told me she believes the virus was developed in a lab in China and is therefore boycotting Chinese goods. I said I didn’t buy that, but I boycott many Chinese goods because of the country’s appalling human rights record.

The clouds are gathering and over to the north east I can see rain, so it may be time to batten down the hatches fairly soon.

Stay safe, keep well.


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