The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th June 2020

It has mercifully been a lot cooler today. It started to rain just before seven, but although steady, it was light. There was no difficulty going to enjoy a shower at the onshore facility, and immediately after breakfast my neighbours headed out for the day. Last night we had a long chat, separated by the pontoon and the gunwales of our boats. Naturally much of it was about the pandemic. I was just deciding what I should do when I found a message from the marina owner saying if I sent I’ll wanted to borrow it, her son would bring a folding table over for me to use. So, changed into my horrid trousers and a very scruffy t shirt, I started work cleaning the front cover. The problem was the wind. I didn’t mention the wind did I?

Well, it grew stronger and it was only by weighting the cover down with my buckets of water that I was able to proceed. I worked at the task for a good two hours. Walking backwards and forward to the river for fresh water was the most tiring and frustrating part. Either I only managed to get the bucket half full when I dropped it into the water, or I spilled half of it over my self and the boardwalk getting it out. But at one point I heard the cuckoo cal. It was difficult while the cover was wet to tell how well I had done, and I was hesitating, then a big black cloud loomed, the wind pushing it my way, so I rinsed for a final time, reweighted the cover with full buckets and added a bungee for extra security and went back onboard. Just in time, the rain poured down and the wind blew more strongly. I had visions of the table, cover and buckets all lifting into the air and being carried away.

Fortunately that didn’t happen. The rain stopped, the cover started to dry. Then another cloud, more rain. I could not think where I could put the cover to dry if this went on. Then the sun came out, and as the wind still blew, the cover turned from very wet, to fairly wet, to fairly dry. I turned it over and began the same process on the reverse. By now I had had lunch and was hoping to do an online crossword, but the internet wouldn’t play. So I did some reading, checked the cover again, and finding it nearly dry with another rain cloud approaching, rolled it up and stashed on the roof of the boat, secured with that same bungee. The rear cover will have to wait. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, or more likely Monday. I just hope it’s not too hot. Today is about ten degrees cooler than yesterday. It’s still warm, bare feet and arms weather, and were it not for the wind and the rain, perfect for physical tasks like washing covers.

I didn’t want to go one reading my novel, and while I was washing up, started thinking about a subject for a new podcast. The afternoon passed in a flash. I read my notes, and began to plan. As usual I was diverted by something and the end product is likely to be quite different to what I was imagining as I washed up. Never mind, maybe I’ll do that one another day.

I thought my neighbours must be mooring up somewhere else for the night, but I see they are tied up by the river. I am guessing the wind is too strong to allow them to come safely into the marina. As I am going out tomorrow, I hope the wind will have dropped by morning. There are one or two people about on their boats this evening, but the alfresco eating and drinking, the vices carrying across the water of yesterday evening are noticeably absent. I can see blue sky, white puffy clouds and a long low strip of dark grey cloud, so although I am sitting in sunshine at the moment, I don’t think it’s going to last.

Stay safe. Keep well.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th June 2020

  1. Does MasterB watch your labours with a bemused look or is he deep under the covers snoozing throughout? We’ve got a young male turkey strolling about the neighborhood causing many an impromptu conversation with passersby. I was just asked if it was a pet. Lockdown has brought about so many peculiar but friendly interactions with strangers.

    • Depends. He hates the vacuum so he hides when I use that. Cooking he sees as a love rival so he constantly clamours for attention. The boat cover cleaning happened on shore, and he was snoozing under the rug. He is very lovely this morning.
      There was a turkey reared for Christmas who wasn’t wanted so allowed to live and became a pet. She was such a character about the farm. Clearly thought she was in a supervisory role.

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