The Coronavirus Diaries, 3rd July 2020

I bought the laptop. Now I am finding my way around it. It may take me some time I feel. Today I tried to use it for a Zoom event. It all seemed fine, then I realised I had no sound. Nor could I understand how to get sound. It was a quick switch to the iPad. Now I need to use it to try to join other Zoom meetings while I work out what to do. Or is there another way?

This was after enjoying a cycle ride with Octavia. She has been cycling a great deal during lockdown, far far more than I have, and she has become more adventurous, more confident. It was great to go out with her. She’s off to Yorkshire and her mother in a couple of days, so I shall have to wait until she returns for the next spin. We went to places I have walked with Celia, just to the south of where we live. It was fun. It reminded me of my helming with Stuart, how being with someone who is calm, confident helps give you confidence. It’s a good feeling.

The rest of the day has been spent doing those bits and pieces that take up so much of so many days: washing and ironing, making meals, washing up, putting the recycling in the bin, checking on the plants, tidying papers, paying bills. Tomorrow I need to dust and vacuum, do some shopping. So when I have posted this I am going to settle on the sofa and watch The Luminaries. I don’t know how many episodes I have missed, and how many there are altogether, but I’d like to catch up while I can before I miss any more.

On the sofa

I am still thinking about a new, larger television. It just worries me to be spending so much money when I am not earning. I know my savings account is called a rainy day account, but habits of financial caution die hard. I’ll have to take a deep breath and make a leap of faith that the future will be secure. But if lockdown continues in some shape and to some degree into winter, as it looks likely to, how nice it will be to curl up on the sofa with MasterB and watch some good tv. I think I am getting closer to making a decision.

Stay safe. Keep well.


5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 3rd July 2020

  1. I’m smiling because it sure sounds like you have made your decision, but I hear a few last “wait a second” alarms from the responsible part of you. I think this will go on for about another year – at least here in the US. We have botched having enough personal protection equipment, testing, tracing, mask wearing, social distancing, and closing/opening. I can’t see how we will do better with vaccines unless Joe Biden wins. They say we are getting close, but having a vaccine that is proven to protect is far short of everyone who wants one gets one. We shall see.

    • Almost, not quite. It’ll probably take me a while yet…I think it will be at least another year, and then we shall find out what that normality looks like.

  2. That MasterB photo has a bit of a lounging lady in French Impressionism. Bravo to you.

    Can’t quite place it but I will.

    Best wishes to Octavia on her next round of caring. Also best wishes to Celia on her haircut. Hope it is wonderful. We shaggy people will just have to remember what we looked like 50 years ago.

    • MasterB as a lounging lady… that takes some imagining!

      I am getting used to longer hair, my curls have returned, but I can’t say it’s a sophisticated look.

  3. Yes – it was a great ride, Isobel. Your knowledge of the area is fab – I really enjoyed seeing a lovely street I didn’t know existed.

    And thanks to you, Cagey, for your good wishes.

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