The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th July 2020

Almost a ‘normal’ day: two lots of washing done and hung on the line, then a bus to Westminster to leave my next bag of books and esoteric magazines at an Oxfam bookshop, a chat with the woman in the shop about the various hand gels available, and then resisting buying at least four books from the stock as I had more to do and I didn’t want to carry them. Then another bus to Fleet Street, before heading into the City where it was a mixed story of shops open and shops closed.

Leadenhall Market was newly festooned with fake flowers and bunting.

Leadenhall Market redecorated

Say it with flowers

And yet more flowers


It seemed very quiet, but there were some drinkers inside New Moon, and I heard before I saw the louder drinkers who were outside another pub. Being Friday, when lunchtime arrived those City workers who have stopped WFH to return to their offices headed to the pub. Old habits die hard.

A bus home and a bite for lunch, then the ironing, shopping and of course time with MasterB. The shopping was for B&J. When I delivered it we chatted, they on the threshold, me on the path, and then something amazing happened. They invited me to come round and join them for a drink in their garden. Bear in mind these two have been self isolating since March, have left the house only twice for quiet walks late in the evening around the square. I thought I was their first visitor, but it turns out one of B’s sisters has also visited. Anyway I felt very honoured and we spent a jolly two hours until it grew too cool for comfort and I needed the loo so had to return home.

Post supper I turned on the television to watch a programme about a year in the fens and was delighted to see the konik ponies I saw last year featured and to have their role explained. They are picky eaters, grazing the ground selectively, turning farmland back into meadows and their well trodden paths and scrapes where they have their dust baths break up the soil, creating the conditions for the wild flowers to bloom. It makes me determined to go to see them again next time I am at das boot.

There was also footage of the water buffalo at the Chippenham Fen so they are on my list too. It was a really interesting programme and I am glad I caught it. The wildlife photography of the cuckoo chick gorging on all the food its reed warbler foster parents could supply, the harvest mouse searching out its next meal, were just fabulous, the hares racing across the fields, the owls emerging to hunt at dusk, as well as the huge skies and open landscape.

Stay safe. Keep well.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th July 2020

  1. Good to hear that you were able to have a drink with B&J in their garden – a big step for them.
    We got to Brighton and I had a glorious sea swim and then at last that long-awaited haircut – hurray!
    Salon is in my hairdresser’s spacious home, Charlie and I the only ones there, so all felt safe. Plus a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion!

  2. I mostly like my hairdresser because he cuts well, but also because his grandparents lived in my small home town, and he knows it well. Also because he likes celebrating with champagne in the salon when the occasion suggests it!

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