The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th July 2020

Although the restrictions are lifting the number of cases, when you can find the details, still seems very high. Early on, and presumably to encourage us to stay at home, the numbers were everywhere. Now we are being encouraged to go out and shop, take public transport to work, you have to search to find them. Is it any wonder some of us are disorientated?

I finally got down to finishing a podcast episode today. I started it at das Boot. All done, I recorded it and tried to upload it. The little clock showed its progress: 12%, 25%, 30%, 42%, 50%, 61%, 73%, 86%. It stayed at 99% for an agonisingly long time then Bingo, 100%! Except it hadn’t uploaded at all. Went through this performance three or four times. Each time I got the message congratulating me on publishing a new episode, but the episode in question was one I uploaded a fortnight ago. I contacted support. the reply came quickly and I followed the instructions. Only to get a message saying I had exceeded the number of episodes I am allowed to upload in one day. I haven’t managed to upload any. I emailed support again, and am waiting for the reply.

MasterB is outside and I want to go out too. I have seen Romeo is in the garden. Not good news for MasterB. Romeo has matted fur on his back and I want to see if he will let me comb some of it out. I may get scratched. Badly.

I had a lovely message from my dear friend Patricia today. Her beloved Jack Russell had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago, leaving the family bereft. Nursing her broken heart, Patou left husband and son in London to sell the house, and returned to Brittany. I had been hoping the family would adopt another dog sooner rather than later. No dog will ever replace Ziggy, losing a pet isn’t like a chair falling apart. You don’t replace one. But you can love another one. We know that animal charities are struggling to survive at the moment. Actually they are always struggling to survive. Coronavirus has meant fewer cats and dogs neutered, so more kittens and puppies. People have lost jobs and incomes and had to give up loved pets. One of these dogs I hoped would find a home with Patricia.

So when I got a message this morning saying she had just adopted Max I opened up the pictures expecting to see a Jack Russell or similar. But Max is a cat, a rather gorgeous tabby. It seems he was abandoned and pitched up Patou’s cousin’s house. The cousin already has two cats and is about to move and can’t take Max too. The people who have bought the house have a large dog. The first time Max met Patou he nestled into her arms, and that was that. Un coup de foudre. Wonderful.

I think the moral must be when podcasts fail there are always cats.

Stay safe. Keep well.

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