The Coronavirus Diaries, 12th July 2020

A very quick, short post as it’s late and I still have things I need to do before I turn in. Today was beautiful, warm sunshine, blue skies, a perfect summer’s day.

I struggled with IT. Tonight I find Photos is still not as it should be. I am going to Das Boot tomorrow but my departure will be delayed while I see Ahmad to get this sorted. At the more t I am deeply regretting changing my computer.

I had supper with Octavia. I cooked. Celeriac risotto and side salad. Delicious. Thank-you to the Guardian for the recipe. I had it had cooked at home, and carried it in one bag, the bowl of salad plus the various extra ingredients in another round to Octavia’s where we left it in the kitchen before joining her neighbours on the street for the first part of their Italian themed evening. I suppose the risotto fitted well, but as I hadn’t known the theme in advance that was pure chance.

Celia and I had a lovely walk, she with her chic new haircut, me with my less than chic hair-last-cut-in-the -depths-of-winter. I haven’t seen her since Thursday. During the pandemic we have seen each other most days. Now I am about to head away to das Boot. I suppose these separations are the start of the next new normal.

MasterB had asked to go out while I was preparing the risotto. There was no sign of him when I left for Octavia’s. When I came home at half past ten I expected him to appear immediately, but it took a few minutes. He came from the direction of Carol’s house where a found him a few nights ago sitting on the doorstep. Now he is stretched out on the floor, his eyes closed. a tired cat. I hope he doesn’t mind coming to the boat too much.

My cousin Terry has a birthday tomorrow. One of his daughters, the young cousin who looked after MasterB when I was in Ireland last year has asked me to contribute to a message board. I shall do that and then head for bed.

Goodnight. Stay safe. Keep well.


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