The Coronavirus Diaries, 13th July 2029

It’s raining. It started as a few drops, and then gathered up some energy and drizzled in a rather lazy, lackadaisical way. Presumably a new rain supervisor came on shift as now it is showing much more discipline. I am rather enjoying it, except the windows have steamed up as I am cooking. Curry if you’re interested, and still curry even if you’re not. I can see the sky is light and bright not far away, so I suspect shortly it will be a beautiful evening.

I am at das Boot. I left rather later than planned as Ahmad was delayed getting to the shop. I saw his brother who was waiting for him too. He was far more relaxed than I was about the shop being closed. Ahmad had the keys. I went home and tried once more to get Photos to talk to me and Resize Pro to talk to Photos. By some miracle it worked, so I sent another message to Ahmad saying I was fine, and off we set.

The journey out of London was just like old times, slow and, in parts, very slow. Despite not having any coffee with my breakfast I had to make use of the facilities at Tesco. The weather was warm and sunny. As we reached East Anglia it became cloudy and the wind turbines were spinning in the fields harvesting lots of lovely clean energy.

Janet had left eggs for me, so I put the money in the honesty box and a few minutes later we arrived at the marina. I did the usual routine of leaving MasterB in his carrier in the shade of a tree, the windows and the boot open for ventilation. I went backwards and forwards collecting bags. I seem to have brought a lot of food. When the bed was made up I thought Himself could leave the car. He did too.

I strapped on his harness which he took in good part, then we left the confines of the Ford. MasterB embarked on a thorough sniff inspection of the wheels and the bumpers. Maybe he was wondering why Romeo was around. Though I had a message from B&J to say Romeo had visited them in their back garden this afternoon, so I think MasterB can relax. I watched a heron in flight, so we were both happy. He really seemed very comfortable, then the kayak appeared and he tried to hide under the car. I picked him, made reassuring noises, and carried him down to the pontoon. Once on board he had a good look out of the windows, made for the mat where I feed him, ate, climbed on the bed, looked out of the windows again and then burrowed under the quilt. He’s been there ever since. I hope he’s not gathering up his energies for a planned exploration ashore as I am inexplicably tired and shall be happy to have a very early night.

The swans have been nibbling at the duck weed. Is there swan weed? This makes me happy as there is a lot of it. I should like them to do more than nibble at the penny wort.

I’m going to see if I can upload this or if the internet is elusive. But my dinner is ready, so whether I can upload it or not, it’s time to stop. And it’s not raining anymore.

Stay safe. Keep well.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 13th July 2029

    • Thanks. Lots of rain last night, but dry today and sunny at times. I was glad it wasn’t too sunny as I was washing the rear boat cover, and then while that dried, washing the boat. I was quite warm enough!

  1. Hoping curry was fab and the Master did not require a later shore leave. We watched Brown Pelicans at low tide acting like shorebirds. Big beaks sticking into the mud and snacking. As the tide came in the Pelicans floated off. Hoping for a lovely float for both you and the B.

    And speaking of Bs and Js – greetings to them on their slow re-entry to our continuously open and shut world. Caution is always the better choice. I’m staying put for at least the next 12 months.

    • Curry was good. I had the leftovers for lunch. I have enjoyed watching and hearing birds today. Sunset is a particularly magical time. B&J do sometimes read this, so you may be able to make those greetings yourself.
      At the moment I am hoping to go to France in November, but we shall see.

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