The Coronavirus Diaries, le 14 juillet 2020

It seems only right to have some French in the heading tonight as, quiet though it is here on the fens, across France there will be feux d’artifice in front of crowds much thinner than usual.

This again will be a quick, short post. It is passed my bedtime, but the neighbours and I had a good old chat and then MasterB went ashore. I was there too at the other end of his lead. We were out for about and hour. There was a lot of sitting. Also a fair amount of grass eating which I hope is not followed in the small hours by fur ball production. Right now he is climbing behind me to look out at the night. Bats were flying about, lots of birdsong, and a bird of prey which may or may not have been an owl, but I’m going to hope it was. Earlier I saw a marsh harrier.

While MasterB gazed at something I could not see a swan swam across the marina, disappearing behind das Boot. A short while later, from the other end of the marina came a raucous cry. MasterB’s head swivelled round. The cry was answered in the same vein from behind das Boot. The sun was setting, everything looked wonderful. The two swans swam towards each other, their wing feathers making that wonderful cupped display. It was a pair, and they greeted each other with their beaks bowed and their necks bent so they looked as they were consciously making a heart shape. The display continued for a few minutes, then one rose up in the water, and the other tucked into some duckweed. Ah the romance of it.

And with that I am stopping. Joyeuse fête nationale à vous tous. Faites de beaux rêves. Restez sain et sauf.


4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, le 14 juillet 2020

  1. Do you think the swans are enjoying the now empty nest or making plans for a future clutch? We’ve been rolled back or re-locked back to about where we were at the end of May. Now looking forward to the return of bird migration in late August. It is the little things that make this mess livable.

    • I think they were just v pleased to see each other. Perhaps they had been apart most of the day. It was very lovely. First bird seen today was a heron in flight.

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