The Coronavirus Diaries, 15th July 2020

I’m starting this post early just in case the evening runs away as it did yesterday. The couple on the neighbouring boat left this morning, but a few more people have arrived and everyone seems very chatty. When I looked at today’s forecast last night it showed 0% chance of rain here today. Something obviously changed as, although I woke to blue skies and sunshine, dark clouds began to gather and there was a deal of light rain this morning. Undeterred I set off with the aim of seeing the water buffalo. Google maps was my guide. However, as I drove down a very familiar road with no signs to anything the voice announced I had reached my destination. I was evidently near, but no cigar as the saying goes. I drove around for a bit, enjoying the views of fields and seeing villages I haven’t driven through since I last went through them with Aunt in 2015.

I returned to base via the farm shop where I got some spinach and tomatoes. I certainly get my fill of fresh fruit and veg when I am here. Keith had arrived. Hs boat is being lifted out tomorrow as he has to do some repairs due an super abundance of weed on the Old West which has clogged up his engines. we talked about my boat covers as he had seen me cleaning the front one when I was here last. Yesterday Dan, son of the marina owners, had suggested steam cleaning them before I reproof them. I was worried they might shrink. Keith thought that was a likely possibility. He disappeared onto his boat which is a very smart one with all accoutrements, and reappeared with a spray bottle of proofer. You can have this, he said. A few minutes later he went back onto his boat and came back with some boat cover cleaner. Try this, he said, apply it undiluted to the most stained patches. So that is what I shall do. But not this afternoon, as it has rained several times and the calf muscle in my left leg is painful. I am sitting with my legs stretched out in front of me, my calves resting on a hot water bottle. Keith’s kindness and generosity have warmed me in other ways.

While Keith and I were talking a group of young calves gathered to watch us. Curious but shy. Two, slightly bolder, approached when we stood at the fence and stopped about a yard from us but became skittish if we moved. Both were very pretty but one had an unfortunate cap of cow manure on his head. Maybe it’s a bovine beauty treatment but somehow I doubt it. They eventually came close enough to sniff my outstretched hand, and one even gave my hand a quick lick. Then they backed away.

The cows were all moving gradually to our end of the field. The gloriously handsome black bullock was with them. Seeing people he galloped up the slope and made straight for the head rub and cuddle. He is so handsome, so affectionate; eyelashes to die for. He evidently has no idea how big and strong he is. In the field you could risk being crushed by him as he came in for a full on cuddle.

I hear from Celia that the Bossy Neighbour has moved my hanging baskets on the grounds of health and safety, claiming ‘a couple’ nearly banged their heads on them. How amazing that the ‘couple’ should each have a bike under the baskets. what are the chances of that? small I’d say. Bossy Neighbour has told so many porkies down the years to justify her actions I have lost count. Ironically we have a number of places in the garden which are real health and safety risks, including one of the sites she has moved a basket to. The other basket is now sited in a place that makes it very difficult to water. I think the best thing is to rehome the two baskets. They don’t deserve to be pawns in her petty games. Their real sin is to belong to me. In recent weeks she has demanded I move plants that have nothing to do with me, complained that my watering cans are untidy and should be kept ‘off the ground’, claimed no one puts their bike in the space next to mine as mine has a cover on it, though as mine is under a hanging basket presumably one of the ‘couple’ now has a bike there. It presumably gives her a perverse pleasure. I wish she’d get a life. I shan’t hold my breath.

MasterB continues to be a little star (Bossy Neighbour has accused him of peeing on her doormat, he hadn’t and even when it was realised another cat had been in, she failed to apologise for the aggressive messages she had sent me). He seriously considered some outdoor time this morning, but then went back to bed. He is affectionate, funny, and curious in equal measure. Oh and very beautiful too. I really must take some more photos of him.

Under the quilt

In the half citadel

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