The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th July 2020

This will be a short post. I have spent far too long in front of the computer screen today and I feel like a zombie. The day’s CPD overran, the tech support was hopeful rather than effective and I didn’t get lunch. I did drink a lot of water, though whether because I was genuinely thirsty or just as a way of keeping awake, I am not sure. As I was bored much of the time, it’s quite difficult to assess how useful the day was right now. Certainly I feel no enthusiasm for putting any of it into practice, though there’s a follow up task, so I shall have to dredge up the motivation from somewhere, and soon. The best part was when MasterB marched onto the keyboard, just as I asked a question. He had been making it clear for some time that he wanted my attention, and this direct action worked quite well.

Once I was free I called a friend to debrief. She had done the same training day a while ago. Only now I had done it too did she feel free to roundly condemn the way it was delivered. Then I went for a much needed walk, and after that some shopping for fresh veg and so on. I went to Morrison’s. I should really take care what time I go there. It was busy. Few of the shoppers were observing social distancing, though the free hand gel seemed very popular. If I come down with the virus in the next few days, Morrison’s will be where I caught it.

I am increasingly worried about money. I have not earned a penny this financial year. I should receive a small sum from the government in August, and that will be that. I am one of the lucky ones. I have always been a saver, small amounts put aside each month, and they mount up. I had thought my savings would be for my old age. I realise they need to be used now. It’s not a fact I am comfortable with. At das Boot Stuart has been making suggestions for improvements which sound great, and looks at me blankly when I say that I can’t afford to do them. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact I live in London. Someone else suggested I could sell my flat and buy an £800,000 house near the marina. To many a London property sounds like untold wealth. The reality is certainly different in my case.

I have a strong suspicion there will be a large number of repossessions as home buyers can’t meet their mortgage repayments. Some have been given a ‘holiday’ but once the holiday is over the debt remains, and jobs may have gone. These are very uncertain times. More and more we need to say not just ‘keep well’ and ‘stay safe’, but aslo ‘be kind’. Who knows what our neighbours are struggling with.

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