The Coronavirus Diaries, 21st July 2020

I am writing this early as I have a supper date. A real one, in Michèle’s garden, and she has said she is serving wine so I may be comfortably mellow by the time I return. I have kept away from computer screens today. Yesterday could have been sold as aversion therapy in my case. MasterB has been to the vet; not alone, I took him in the car, but due to the new restrictions I had to hand him over in his basket to a masked vet nurse who took my mobile number, warned me the vet was still with an earlier patient, so it could be some time, and said the vet would call me when she had examined the Boy. Fortunately the surgery is beside a large park, so I wasn’t kicking my heels in the street, or sitting in a warm vehicle.

The appointment was made a couple of weeks ago, so not an emergency, but his annual check up and vaccinations. I have been worried he might have gained weight during lockdown, but he has actually managed to lose a little. How much I did not catch. Good news anyway. His teeth were good, his coat good, in fact she pronounced him perfect. Perfect. How my heart swelled with pride.


I need to give MasterB his worming pill this week, but I think a visit to the vet, even one who admires him so wholeheartedly, is enough for him to put up with for one day. I was very interested in the good teeth report as last year he had to have a few removed due to gingivitis. I felt dreadful, but was told it’s something some cats are prone to. I did a bit of research and found a number of references to charcoal being good for dental health in cats, dogs and humans. I haven’t been using it yet myself, though maybe soon, as MasterB has had a tiny scoop of a product with charcoal, turmeric and seaweed in his food every day since last July. The pot is just coming to an end, and I wanted to know if his teeth were in good shape before ordering another. The vet could not say whether the good dental bill of health was down to this product, but she didn’t poopoo my continuing to use it. So I have just put in an order. It costs less than £10, and if it is helping that’s a lot cheaper than feline dental surgery. Time to check out the human options now. And make an appointment for a dental check up if that’s possible.

I was out for two hours. By the time I got home the Bossy Neighbour had moved my watering cans and given my bike cover a wedgy. Really, she’s not well. This is an obsession. I put the watering cans back and unwedged the bike cover. On the subject of covers, Joe has stitched my front boat cover and told me to bring him the rear one. How much do I owe you? I asked. He gave me a look and muttered something about the cats. Joe feeds Hartley and Romeo, and sometimes Mr Manx (aka Stumpy) morning and evening, Monday to Saturday. I do Sunday. He’d love to give up his shoe mending business and run a cattery but his wife is not keen. I need to find something he really likes I can give him as a thank-you present, though a whole cattery is rather out of my league. He was impressed by the reasonable cost of MasterB’s vet treatment today, so although the vet is a bit out of the way from where he lives, he may try taking one of his dogs there. The dog, a Weimeraner, is getting on and seems to be showing signs of hip dysplasia as so many pedigree dogs do.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

8 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 21st July 2020

    • It was lovely, a small garden full of plants with a table tucked in the middle of them, the vet is I dependent. More and more of my neighbours go there now. I used to be the only one, but other practices have been bought out, the fees have increased and people don’t feel so confident that their pets are getting the best treatment.

  1. MasterB is definitely saying “Perfect, thats me!” And, oooh, I need to know more about the charcoal product. Our felines are all due their annual vet check soon and our big ginger male had to have his teeth cleaned last year at some cost. I’d like to avoid that again. The other 2 don’t have the same susceptibility it seems. Loving these diaries – thanks!

  2. Highest daily number of cases since the start of lockdown back in mar/apr so its not good. Mask wearing compulsory everywhere as of today (except if you are cycling or running). I went for a fast walk with a friend today and it certainly got very sweaty just doing that. We both felt as if we’d done some resistance training. 4 secondary schools around us have been closed since tuesday for ‘deep cleaning’ (it was only the 6th form years that were back in school, but James is in 1st year 6th now so he was back). Interesting that they aren’t reporting this on the national news…..

    • Hmm. I have a feeling we’ll see more of this in the coming weeks. The complacency of some of the population is quite startling. Keep well.

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