The Coronavirus Diaries, 29th July 2020

I am going back to Essex tomorrow to revisit somewhere that I think I might like to live. Whether I ever shall is a very moot point. Not only would it mean selling my flat for a decent amount, packing it all up, it would also mean managing that feat of finding something suitable very quickly to move into. Thinking about it makes me want to jettison the whole project.

So I went off to buy my train ticket and take some photos in the City. I had a few places in mind, but naturally saw more, photographed more.

Celia meanwhile was heading for Covent Garden to pick up a top she had ordered from Cotswold Outdoor. You will realise from this that she is really breaking out. It’s not just B&J expanding their horizons. Celia has even allowed Charlie to visit his friend Chris in Notting Hill so they can watch the cricket together. Next they are off to Brighton.

Anyway, back to today. Celia and I had arranged to meet in Covent Garden after I had photographed and she had shopped and walk home together. It was so much livelier than when I was there last, and such a contrast with our visit a couple or three months ago.

The entertainers are back

I haven’t mentioned what a lovely day it was. The weather was warm, not hot. We crossed the river via the Jubilee Bridges and walked by the Royal Festival Hall, snuck away from the main road by Waterloo Station and on passed the Old Vic.

By the Royal Festival Hall

Buses and the Shard

Not yet back

Then we were into non famous London, getting closer to home, passing ordinary homes. I felt for the people who live in this block of flats. The only positive about the increased amount of male urine in the streets during lockdown and lack of public toilets has been if you can smell it, you’re not ill.

Some hope

I was thrilled to see this sign as I have the ginger and white cat version of it in my kitchen. I bought mine in Sicily.

Attenti al gatto

We passed Sokhari Douglas Camp’s house where there were some leftovers from her distinctive sculptures.

Sculpture leftovers

My last photo was of an ornamental thistle in the churchyard across the street from home.

Ornamental thistle

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