The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd August 2020

To be honest I haven’t done a great deal today, and unless you are interested in my dusting technique, or how I move MasterB from one from one room to the other so he does not have to face the monster that is the vacuum cleaner, it wouldn’t be much of a read. You might sympathise with the evidence of more moth activity of course. During the first weeks of lockdown clearing cupboards turned into a national obsession. An obsession I did not share. I was focused on jigsaws, but I suppose it’s the same desire to create a sense of order when all around you is uncertainty and chaos. I did pack a few things up ready for when the charity shops reopened, but lack of storage space for packed bags was a big disincentive to do more. I am by nature a keeper. I tend to look at objects and think they might come in handy where others would immediately discard them. When I am in a discarding mood it’s best to strike while the iron is hot, because I know it will cool soon. The mood was on me today. I took a bag full of items to the charity shop today, and bagged up some of MasterB’s ignored toys for cats currently in the care of the RSPCA. When I was a child Aunt ran children’s homes. Mother, a clearer-outer par excellence, was very skilled at persuading us to part with toys and clothes to give to children in those homes. Later she was less subtle; I’d return from university to find favourite jumpers missing, books vanished. As a result I blame Mother for my own hoarding instincts. By this evening the discarding zeal had waned, and a couple of things I had put aside for the next charity shop run went back on the shelves. Maybe next time.

B&J came over and we had socially distanced G&Ts in the garden before I joined Octavia for supper in her garden. Hartley was very present during the G&Ts but mainly because he wanted me to give him more food. I obliged before I went to Octavia’s. Our meal was good and the chat thought-provoking and entertaining. The wine was also very good. I told Octavia about the house on Colenso Parade I drool over, and said I’d send her the details. Home I see that the sale has been agreed. But see for yourself here what a lovely house it is, overlooking the Botanic Gardens, right by the museum and by the university quarter. If I were ever to move to Belfast this is where I’d want to be.

Last night I couldn’t load photos, so I am going to try now. Here goes. First the Edward Snowden mosaic.

Thank-you Edward Snowden

Can someone please explain to me what the signs mean on this rainbow? I feel I am missing the message.

Curious rainbow

Next two coronavirus warning posters.

Wash your hands

Know the signs

This is the class war sticker expressing distaste for the PM and the government. Subtle it ain’t.

F*** Boris and the government

It looks as though those who have are the ones who will benefit from Coronavirus and the ghastly debacle of Brexit.

Let those who have pay

A most intriguing, and somewhat alarming poster concerns axe throwing. Who knew?

Urban axe throwing

It might, given certain safety requirements, be quite good for venting those pent up emotions we have amassed over the last few months.

This is the most disturbing one, a vision of a new development in the heart of a very ethnically diverse area which seems to be aimed entirely at a Caucasian market.

Spot the person of colour

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

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