The Coronavirus Diaries, 5th August 2020

It’s hardly the Starship Enterprise but this is the Captain’s Log. I watched Star Trek less than a handful of times. The characters were so well known that even I had heard of them, and some of the famous lines. To this day I have a 45 by Spizz Energy called Where’s Captain Kirk. It’s a bit like Friends, which I never watched at all, but such was its popularity back in the 90s that I know a surprising amount about it and can even name some of the characters.

Did Kirk ever have to delay the start of a journey because one of the crew was asleep in an inaccessible spot, ie in a drawer under the bed? Did he wonder if it was National Bad Driving Day when overtaken on 20mph, 30mph, 40mph and 50mph roads by drivers doing at least 20mph above the speed limit in each location? Was he refreshed after such a day by a green curry which the unexacting would describe as Thai, and even the exacting would describe as delicious? Can’t see it somehow. For the record, vegetable marrow works extremely well in green curry. Try it for yourself.

Anyway we made it to das Boot. I have just had a potential Miss Moffat moment as a spider lowered itself on a self spun thread to take a look at me. However, instead of sitting down beside me it has now climbed back to the ceiling. Maybe it recognises me as the Mighty Destroyer of Webs. If it knows anything about marine engineering I should like it to tell me. Last Friday Older Nephew rang me with the news that the starter motor needed replacing (c£350). Fortunately it was just a loose connection, the solenoid. I have no idea what the solenoid is, but I am glad it wasn’t the starter motor. He also mentioned the battery was low which seemed odd.

My routine when I come aboard das Boot is to turn on the isolator switch, the sea cock, the fridge, check the oil and water, prime the engine and then run it for around fifteen minutes. All fine unless the last bit. The engine made an encouraging chugging noise, then a discouraging whirring one. My batteries need replacing (c£300 including labour and VAT). The bullet will have to be bitten, the savings raided. I’m drinking wine to help me swallow the bitter pill. It’s helping.

At least being at das Boot means I am reminded how lovely it is. The boat is not being deliberately malevolent. The batteries are quite old. I knew they would need to be replaced soon. It’s just hard right now when the future is so uncertain. Will I ever earn money again? I am nervous about resuming work which involves face to face contact with members of the public. Some of my colleagues have taken the plunge. Some are sanguine, others desperate. I am moving into the latter group. I did think this morning how nice it would be to be working, so maybe desperate with a dash of optimism or excitement? There must be a cocktail that would sound right for how I am feeling.

I think MasterB would like to go ashore now. He got as far as the gunwale an hour ago, but some people on a nearby boat were talking and he decided against. There is no moon. I seem to only come here when there is no moon. The light by the pontoon still isn’t working and the sun has almost completely set, just a very thin streak of light in the direction of Ely. I do not want to go out. Not even if it were to mean seeing hares again. So I think I had better stop writing and entertain the crew.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

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