The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th August 2020

The forecast when I looked on Saturday was for today to be warm and tomorrow cooler. Now tomorrow is going to be warm as well. I need to get home, so shall try to complete the journey after rush hour and before it gets too hot. First thing today I thought it was going to be a much cooler day than yesterday, but the sun soon burned off any hope of that. there was however a welcome breeze, so I took my walk before lunch, heading over to Burwell Fen. These pictures are from yesterday. I have managed to upload them, but the internet connection keeps dropping so I shall leave today’s until I am home.


There was a horse tethered on a track parallel to te path. It had water but no company, no possibility of shade. I went to say hello to it. Its eyes and muzzle were plagued by flies. I waved them away, stroked its nose, spoke to it. It seemed defeated by its circumstances. I wanted to pull the tether and take the horse away, but where? In the end I sent a text to the RSPCA, but as it was bot in danger from traffic, had water and grazing, there was little hope anything could or would be done for it. Poor animal.

Please identify

The other animals I saw were wild, a muntjac deer trotting carefully through tall grasses, a bird, probably a kestrel, sitting on a gate, a goose, strangely solitary, enjoying a swim, ducks and swans.

The ridge path

While I was watching the deer, a man on his bike pulled up and watched it with me. There were lots of cyclists. I wished I had access to one here as well.


I could feel the sun heating up. I have very fair skin, and although I was covered in factor 50 sunscreen, the path had no shade and I feared I might burn. I had walked for about half an hour, so it was half hour return journey too.



Back at the boat, I made lunch and settled down behind drawn curtains to read my book. There was a fine breeze blowing through the windows. MasterB ate, and went back to sleep.

A glimpse of the river

I am making good progress with the book and should be able to return it to its owner in a few days. I am enjoying more than I anticipated.


Tonight MasterB was enjoying his shore leave while the swans alternately nibbled the weed and watched us. Then a narrowboat with a very loud engine came along the river and he decided the boat was where he wanted to be.

Wild swimmer

Perhaps if we are up betimes, he’ll get to go out before we leave tomorrow.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th August 2020

  1. Llamas, alpacas or vicunas? Whichever they are I want some for the farm I haven’t bought which will be near a marina for the boat called Avocado.
    MasterB is a continued inspiration in this time of quarantine: eat breakfast, go back to bed. The Mr. August pose is especially inspirational!

    • I’m going for llamas, often employed to protect sheep, they are apparently natural leaders and ready to defend the flock.
      Yes, I love MasterB’s tightly shut eyes in the August picture!

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