The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th August 2020

So home. It was glorious this morning at the marina, warm but not hot, the promise of a new day held in the palm of the sky. I vacuumed, stripped the bed, carried things to the car while MasterB slept. He had a short stroll after breakfast.

We left around lunchtime.

Our route took us over a bridge above a dual carriageway where I could see lots of cars. Decision made, we’d take the back roads as far as we could. I started taking these roads years ago as there is more shade, and in warm weather, with a car minus air con, I didn’t want Cat to overheat. Now I often choose them as the route home to get that last good hit of countryside.

There were very few cars. It was a loveLy drive. Inevitably as we got closer to London the traffic increased. A hundred yards from home I looked at all the people on the street and reflected that I hadn’t seen half as many the whole week while I was away.

Washing dried ridiculously quickly. Even at seven this evening the temperature was over 30C. Actually it’s over 30C now but only just. 30.1C according to my thermometer.

It was B&J who alerted me to an engagement I didn’t know I had at Celia’s, to drink fizz in the garden. How could I refuse? I didn’t. Not only fizz but olives, snacks, cherries. I made great inroads in them all. Too too tempting.

Home again and MasterB who I had left outside was reluctant to come indoors. I had to scout round the neighbourhood for him, and even then he swore at me but did not claw or bite when I tucked him under my arm and brought him in. Now he is stretched out on the carpet asleep.

I am off to bed, hoping the neighbourhood remains quiet. It’s hot at the boat during the day, but at night it cools down. That isn’t happening here.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th August 2020

    • An animal psychologist might be able to explain. Whenever we come back from the boat he is mad keen to go out, to re-explore the area, the. After a few days he loses interest.

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