The Coronavirus Diaries, 13th August 2020

Hot again. The promised rain did come but just not in the quantities expected, I woke to the welcome sound of it at seven, but by eight it had stopped and the ground was dry. The forecast said it would start again at eleven. It didn’t. I carried on taking books of the shelves and was rewarded by finding I still have my copy of Clive James’ Unreliable Memoirs. Hallelujah!

I’ve started sorting my books into categories with the idea that I may that way decide to streamline them. I am astonished how many copies of plays I have. Mainly Shakespeare, but still. I had a quick flick through some history books to see how well slavery was covered. Badly. Like women’s history it barely gets a page, if that. Yet trade, empire, industrial revolution all get covered. As though these things didn’t happen without the profits in trading slaves and slave labour. L’Oréal (because I’m worth it) claims it does not soil its hands with animal testing, yet it sells its products to China in the full knowledge they will be tested in animals there. That is rather like British history’s attitude to slavery.

I truly hope the BLM movement will lead to a more informed understanding of history.

Having read the book group choice for September I looked to see if the October one was available in the library. It was. I couldn’t see how to secure it online, so went in person. We are not allowed into Southwark libraries yet. So at the door, a table distance away from the library assistant I explained my mission. He went to look. It seemed there was a copy, but it was reserved. Unfortunately no one had updated the website. While I stood there the temperature dropped, a breeze sprang up. I looked at the skies which were suddenly grey. Could this be the promised rain?

I walked home quickly Having neither waterproof, suitable footwear or umbrella. At home I scrutinised the clouds and revelled in the breeze. I sent a message to a Celia saying I thought rain was coming. It did. It lasted all of five minutes. None since. It is cooler than yesterday but I still had to water the tomatoes and other plants. Rain is forecast again for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

One thought on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 13th August 2020

  1. It’s being a very hot summer in Catalonia too. Even in the mountains, too!
    And we are having very heavy rains, mainly in the Pyrenees but also on the inner plains.
    I wish you get a cooler weather and some more water from the skies.

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