The Coronavirus Diaries, 16th August 2020

When I decided not to post last night I was tired though it hadn’t been a particularly exciting or demanding day. Tomorrow I thought, when the books are back on the shelves, when the carpet is vacuumed, when I can see the floor in the sitting room without bags of books. I did not anticipate that I should be raging against a god in whom I do not believe. But I am.

I have written often and often about the friendliness of my my neighhbourhood, its neighbourliness. Neighbours become friends. Friends who have problems. Some neighbour friends have more than their fair share of problems, one heart break after the other. It’s shit. And not my story, so I can’t share it.

So maybe a post about painting and books tomorrow, but not tonight. I can rage against stupidity in human beings and get some sense that maybe things will be resolved, but when the god or gods I don’t believe in, like wanton boys with flies, kill us, or torture us for their sport, to whom do we turn?

Covid 19 has taken up so much of our thoughts, our attention, but there are other illnesses, other heartbreaks still running along beside it. They haven’t taken time off while the pandemic has taken centre stage.

Stay safe. Keep well. Above all, be kind.


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