The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th August 2020

A wet, wet day, but somehow whenever I needed to go out there was a pause in the rain and I stayed dry. Last night’s walk and drink with Cynthia was fun. At our pub of choice there was a sign telling us to wait to be seated, so we did. Then we were asked if we had made a reservation. We hadn’t, but there were places at a shared table outside which was perfect. The evening was warm, we were in shirt sleeves. I imagine a lot of pubs will be hiring those outside heaters as the days cool down.

My tasks today were mainly work related, or return-to-paid-work related as I am dipping my toe in the water on Saturday and reading up the rules and regulations, the advice, the precautions, and trying on my face shield for the first time. I was disappointed to find it already had some dents in it despite the padded envelope it arrived in. However Carol tells me they are being sold in our local market now so I may get another. at this rate I am going to need a drawer for masks and face shields. I have a new bottle of hand sanitiser to take with me, and goodness only knows what.

I worked on a podcast for work but Podbean would not play ball, and although claimed to have uploaded it, the link was to a previous episode and no sign of today’s. I tried several times without success, then tried again from my laptop instead of the iPad. That’s when I got the message to say I had already reached the limit of episodes I am allowed to upload in one day. Technology can be great, but sometimes it’s a pain in the neck.

I really enjoyed doing my reading for work, and that part feels exciting. It’s the new regulations I am unsure about. I have a horrible fear that at some point I shall just forget and go to shake someone’s hand or something.

The news about economic collapse and mass unemployment had almost convinced me now would be a very bad time to move, but the estate agent was very upbeat this afternoon when I spoke to him, and now I really don’t know what I think. Do I want to move now? The bossy neighbour has been fairly quiet for a few weeks, and it makes a big difference. Also if work is resuming is moving out of London less attractive? Oh I don’t know.

Celia has just sent me a photograph of her son’s cat Molly curled up in the box of jigsaw pieces. It’s a puzzle I have done and master has also sat on the pieces. Maybe the cats are communicating in some way. I’d rather like to do another jigsaw. If I do end up putting my last on the market, that’s something else which will have to wait.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th August 2020

  1. Best of luck on the return to work! Will you have a long handled offering basket in which to collect the proceeds? I look forward to hearing all about it.

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