The Coronavirus Diaries, 23rd August 2020

I am pleased to say that work went well and was very enjoyable. My face shield was a bit of a problem as the weather was windy and the face shield threatened to depart for other places. Otherwise all was fine. I think the adrenalin got to me, because mid afternoon I could have very happily gone to sleep. MasterB did go to sleep, leaning against me, and then taking the space I had occupied when I got up to answer the ‘phone.

Then I started a jigsaw. It was one I had given to Charlie for his birthday in April. It has done the rounds of our cartel and come back to me. It’s weeks since I did a jigsaw, and part of the desire is to do with The Pattern in the Carpet by Margaret Drabble which I am reading. It’s a memoir, and she uses jigsaws as a way of linking her thoughts and experiences. It is oddly enjoyable. Another spur is that I find jigsaws relaxing in a meditative sort of way. My thoughts can drift around, take time to clarify.

B&J invited me to their garden for the evening, a BYO meal. While they and their friends C&J, whose journey from Islington had been made lengthy due to a problem with Tower Bridge, tucked into a meaty dinner, I had my pasta and green salad. Very good. It was a great evening, and one story B&J told had me crying with laughter.

I came home to MasterB and the jigsaw. MasterB wanted to go out, but Romeo and Hartley were very much in evidence. I stayed in the garden, sat down and at once Romeo sat on my lap. It was an opportunity to work at the mats in his coat. It went well, and soon there was a fair amount of old fur on the grass. Romeo was very happy and showed his appreciation by dribbling all over my trousers. Hartley watched us from under a car.

Today I thought I’d finish the job with comb and brush, so went out armed with two brushes and a comb and wearing a plastic apron over clean trousers. Hartley was not going to let his friend beat him to my lap today. He rushed across the grass and sat on my knee. He was ecstatic. Hartley loves to be groomed. He rolled luxuriously and fell off my knee. I picked him up again. More cat fur on the grass. A lot more. Hartley is long haired and sheds a startling amount of fur. More dribbling but this time I had the apron to protect me. It was Romeo’s turn to watch.

Finally I went in to MasterB and to sterilise the brushes and comb. Then lunch, followed by a walk with Celia who is a cricket widow. We went to Dulwich Park. So many families, groups of friends were out enjoying themselves. There were children on bikes, adults on bikes, dogs on leads, one Cavalier King Charles whose tail started wagging when we were yards away from us though she knew neither of us. There was the boating lake, a baseball game, tennis matches, lots of practice in the cricket nets. A heron stared moodily at water covered in weed in one of the rustic spots. There were picnics and ice creams and children climbing trees.

The boating lake

Moody heron

Tree climbing



It looked like a brochure for a desirable place to live. Which of course Dulwich is.

In a minute I am off to Octavia’s. It’s my turn to make our supper, so we are having a big salad, pitta bread, hummus and fresh corn on the cob. Bon appétit.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 23rd August 2020

  1. Excellent news on the work performance. I’m surprised MasterB doesn’t mind your lap being occupied by others. And those photos are so refreshing as we are sitting in a pool of smoke from the burning ring of fires – thank you for a glimpse of something that isn’t ashen.

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