The Coronavirus Diaries, 25th August 2020

A lovely evening with my friend and colleague Chris. We trained together twenty six years ago which seems an impossibly long time in the past. I always say we are friends due to our postal codes as I realised at the start of the course that she was a nearish neighbour. She probably thought this woman saying ‘oh we live quite close to each other’ and expecting a connection/friendship on those grounds was bonkers. Maybe I was. But it worked and we have been friends ever since. We ate. I cooked a curry, Chris brought a very nice bottle of wine. We drank. We talked.

I showed her pictures of possible houses and we discussed their potential. I realise now I didn’t show her a flat in further south London which had caught my eye. Maybe that means something.

I worked on notes all morning and met a neighbour at lunchtime. She is fostering a cat for the RSPCA and I was offering her some of MasterB’s cast offs and toys he has rejected. She has sent me nice pictures of her cat enjoying them. She told me RSPCA Putney is closing down due to lack of funds due to the pandemic. This is big. RSPCA Putney is the flagship here in London. If they are letting that go the charity is in trouble. If the charity is in trouble animals are in trouble.

To be honest that isn’t news. Much as I have enjoyed aspects of lockdown it has been a disaster for many pets. Rehoming centres have not been able to receive visitors so animals in need of new homes have languished at those centres. Meanwhile cats and ogs on the outside have not been neutered so more puppies and kittens have been born. People are being evicted from properties, losing jobs, suddenly having to give up their pets.

Some people who have wanted a puppy or kitten have gone on the internet and bought one. I probably don’t need to spell out the problems and dangers that can mean. MasterB was an internet find, and I bless the day he came home with me, not just because he is a sweet natured, affectionate boy who I love to bits, but he was offered free to a good home. Cats, kittens, puppies, small dogs, rabbits and goodness knows what offered free in this way are too often handed over to people who have no intention of offering them the loving homes their ex-owners have asked for. They become bait for fighting dogs and get ripped to shreds, their remains dumped, buried, hidden. The horror.

I slept badly last night, so when I put the final full stop here, which I shall in a moment, I am off to bed, and hopefully a restful night followed by an active day. Oh and the jigsaw is complete.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

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