The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th August 2020

Tonight the rain came down. It was pretty dramatic. I was glad I was indoors. I was also glad I had achieved my three outdoor tasks before the (much lighter) rain this afternoon. The forecast said rain would start at 2pm and it did, but in a lazy desultory sort of way. So my car has been vacuumed, it’s not sparkling inside, but a serious amount of dust and cat fur has gone. I no longer feel ashamed of my car’s interior.

I swept out the parking space. This is going to be a weekly task for the foreseeable future as the roots of creeper on the wall have been removed by the neighbour in whose garden it was planted but the dead creeper is still hanging on the wall. It sheds leaves by the thousand every week. There’s going to be some serious mulching on the flowerbeds this winter. I hope by the spring it will all have fallen down, and maybe I shall have moved.

My third outdoor task was to wash one of the garden mosaics. Another tick, but now I have a fourth task for another day as I realise the second mosaic could also do with a good clean. There is something so satisfying about working through a list.I still haven’t lined the great niece’s pencil box, but I have the materials lined up and that should be done in the next day or so.

We were supposed to be having an outdoor poetry reading session as part of the alternative book group meetings, but Viv wisely cancelled it having seen the forecast. Had it gone ahead it, we should have been just starting when the heavens opened. I nearly got caught up in it anyway as I popped round to Michèle’s with some coffee for her now she’s back in quarantine after being in France. It was dry when I walked down her road, but she lent me an umbrella so I shouldn’t get too wet on the way home. MasterB looked out of the window and decided on an evening in.

I’m trying to sign up for more poetry reading as part of an event next month, but I think someone has overcomplicated the form and it has all but defeated me. Fortunately the organiser has replied to my email plea for help, and I think I may be able to do it, tomorrow, not tonight.
Now I am tired and when I have done the washing up I am off to bed with my book.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.


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