The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th September 2020

Last night we had a social gathering in the garden here. By we, I mean B&J, H&J, Celia and Charlie. Hartley and Romeo naturally assumed they were invited too, and a young fox gatecrashed, at one point running off with a bag I had used to bring the olives etc outside, and my iPhone fell to the floor.

We had chips. Not the cats, and not the fox either. Chips in the garden are somehow wonderful. And they work very well instead of nibbles. Celia has investigated a newish chip shop we noticed during lockdown and gives it a good report. I shall find out if they deliver. If we are allowed to socialise this Christmas in each others’ homes I think it will be drinks and chips in at least two of them.

The young fox was very sweet, watching us with hopeful, curious eyes, close to us but far enough away for his safety. He’s not tame, which is just as well. He decided to approach Hartley and got a hiss for his pains. I think he’s the one I saw the other night waiting for the cats to finish eating so that he could have any leftovers.

This afternoon I went for a walk on my own. Celia had been swimming and that was enough exercise for her. I ended up in Ruskin Park and the streets to the west of it. It reminded me of lockdown, as this was a favourite destination when the highlight of each day was our permitted walk. The park is at Denmark Hill and the views across to the City and Westminster are great. Local residents stand at the top of the hill, south of the park to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Looking towards Westminster

Looking towards the City

On one of the trees beside the pond I found this notice. There didn’t seem to be any others. It’s probably true, but I was a bit puzzled by it.


I love the streets to the west of Ruskin Park. This afternoon they were very quiet which enhanced the lockdown feeling. We are used to seeing fake flowers decorating shops and restaurants. It’s become something of a tend the last year or so. But this is the first time I have seen a private house given the same treatment.


I think on the whole I prefer the real thing.

Glorious trumpets

Another thing which reminded me of lockdown was coming across new things in places I was pretty sure I had walked before. This church is on the corner of the road to the north of the park. I must have only walked at the other end. It was designed by Arthur Beresford Pite, who I have now learned worked in a partnership with John Belcher who designed at least two buildings locally. Coincidentally Beresford Street SE5 is now John Ruskin Street as he worshipped at the Beresford chapel there.

St Saviour’s

There must be a story behind these neatly placed boots too.


MasterB is sleeping beside me, but he has been very active and playful. Here he is perched on the top of the chairback.

Little lion

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.


2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 6th September 2020

  1. omg, you’ve got to include that photo in calendar 2021!!
    The others were beautiful too – such glorious blue sky. I would have loved to see one of the fox too!

    • Thanks Judy. I must start on the calendar soon. Alas this photo is portrait and the calendar ones are landscape. I might be able to use it on the back. Funnily enough, none of us photographed the fox. I can’t think why not. Maybe we were too busy eating chips!

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