The Coronavirus Diaries, 15th September 2020

We had another (chipless) evening in the garden. Hartley is definitely bonding with J. The aloof fox came and ignored us. It’s been a hot day, and the evening is still very warm. MasterB is out. I am pleased, as when we go to das Boot tomorrow he’ll spend most of his time afloat. It gets dark so early now, and unless the light by the pontoon has been fixed – I’m not holding my breath – I am reluctant to step off the boat where I cannot see. It’s still going to be warm, but not as warm. I have put some bits and pieces in the car including the older great niece’s birthday presents as her parents are hoping to make a flying visit on Friday. I have bought her a range of art materials, and the not-plasticine-but-something-akin-to-it is very heavy. Too heavy to post in my opinion.

I was in the City and in Westminster this morning. Both were pretty quiet, though people started to emerge from their offices at lunchtime. I found a message on my ‘phone from B&J asking if I was going to the shops. I replied that having eaten my lunch I was thinking about the vegan Magnums I had seen but not bought in Morrison’s the other day. I ended up buying them for both of us. Yummy. Perfect on a hot afternoon.

Just as I had more or less decided to wait and see what the rental market might throw up in Wivenhoe, and if it didn’t to wait two years before moving, the estate agents have started to send me details of the sort of properties that interest me. I really must get down to designing the boardgame. I have bought three lottery tickets recently and not had a single match with my numbers. Is the universe trying to tell me something, or should I give it another couple of tries? Even £10 would be welcome.

The UK government has sunk even lower. I should hardly have believed it were possible. An MP tweeted that she had only voted to break international law to Get Brexit Done. That made me wonder with some horror how far she would go before she felt she had to draw a line. We know of soldiers committing atrocities whose defence is that are obeying orders. At what point does moral responsibility kick in? How many lies, how many promises broken, how many corrupt contracts? Obviously I am not talking about Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Boris Johnson here. It has long been obvious that moral responsibility, or simply morality, are alien concepts to them. But ordinary Conservative MPs who heard Ed Miliband demolish Boris Johnson and expose the list of lies still voting to break international law is a very serious breach of trust, a demonstration of total lack of integrity and a bad step for this country. There is no excuse. Honestly, I despair. After the vote to break the law, the Conservative party tweeted that Labour had voted against the UK internal market bill and was ‘siding with the EU’. This is despicable beyond words. Whether you voted for Brexit or not, whether you voted Tory or not, you should surely understand that MPs of any party voting not to break the law are not siding with anyone. They are doing what is right. You may want to leave the EU, but the ends do not justify the means. This is not patriotic behaviour, it is shameful and degrading behaviour which bodes ill for our future.

Time to get MasterB in.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 15th September 2020

  1. Vegan Magnums now available on our side of the great waters! Our air has moved from Very Unhealthy to Unhealthy for Sensitive People! We’re on an upswing if only our respective governments would stop trying to destroy everything in their path.

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