The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th October 2020

So another weekend draws to a close and tomorrow we shall learn what restrictions are coming into force this week. Or maybe we shan’t learn. Nothing so far has been very clear, and most people seem to have almost given up trying to follow the details. We manage Rule of Six, Two Metres, Wash Your Hands, and Wear a Mask. The rest is often confusing and contradictory.

I’m just back from supper with Octavia. My offering this time, so corn on the cob, a side dish of butterbeans in sage pesto, home made hummus and a mixed salad. Octavia provided very good wine and dietetically differentiated puddings. I loved the raspberry coulis. At the door as I left we realised we are both fans of Gogglebox. There may be more sharing of our favourite moments when we next meet.

Yesterday I went to the Museum of London in Docklands where Celia joined me. The morning had been fine, but as the hours passed the skies turned grey and the wind picked up. It’s a great museum and one any visitor to London should definitely have on his or her itinerary. Outside I saw the smartest dog poo waste container I have ever seen.

Smarter than the average dog waste bin
Look at that detail

It quite puts the ones in our local parks to shame.

The museum is housed in old sugar warehouses in the West India Dock. There used to be a statue outside of Robert Milligan who was the driving force behind these docks. He was a Scottish merchant and slave owner. Over the summer the museum decided it was not appropriate to have his statue there and removed it. The empty plinth is quite eye catching and attracted no little attention while I watched. Finally I managed to get a photograph with no one in it.

Empty plinth
There’s still a photo of the statue on a hoarding

I was pleased to see someone had added a Black Lives Matter badge to his lapel.

Badge added

On the way to the catch the bus home we spotted this statue. I was rather taken by it. However we couldn’t see any information about what it is called or who made it. A pity I think.

Head to the sky
From another angle

Stay safe. Keep well. Sleep tight.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 11th October 2020

  1. That very smart dog waste bin looks a bit tall for the average-sized smart dog to use. Glad you took a ‘bus home as that would be a very long walk indeed even by your standards. But silly aside, so very interesting about the statue removal. Was there any public request or did the Museum do the right thing without prompting?

    Hope your impending Lockdown 2.0 is helpful…I see the numbers daily in the Guardian and get a touch worried. We continue to be bored and healthy, we hope. Jigsaws for birthday presents up coming.

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