The Coronavirus Diaries, 14th October 2020

Each time I elect to write a new post I see the new block editor again and my heart sinks. I know readers can’t see it, but I do not find it an improvement at all. I still haven’t worked out where I need to go to choose the size of any picture I want to post. Anyway.

The Ginger Ninja calendar is with the printer and we are discussing the finer details. The price should be the same as last year unless I have miscalculated the VAT. I do need to check out the post costs though. But do register your interest if you have any, and I shall I put your name on the list. I am only having twenty printed this year. The printer called me today and said he thought I could sell far more. I said if he could find me a buyer ready to order hundreds I’d happily do it. Alas he couldn’t. I think MasterB may have a new fan, and maybe there will be an extra copy of his calendar finding its way into the printer’s home.

Tonight we have candles burning in our windows to remember H&J’s fathers, both of whom have died recently. It was H’s father’s funeral today. She says it went well with good music and memories. Usually we light candles in our windows for pets, and I was a bit cautious about suggesting it for a parent, but fortunately it didn’t offend.Tomorrow I am back to Wivenhoe with a list of more places to explore and hoping I shall come to a decision to make the leap. My idea of renting there and letting here seems to have stalled. The only suitable properties I have seen have a no pets policy. Is this a good time to sell and buy? Are prices going to plummet in the new year? I wish I knew. But I feel like I am treading water for no particularly good reason. What am I waiting to happen? I spoke to Penny at the bookshop today and she was immensely positive. I think I may need to enlist her on my property search.

I’ll take the library copy of The Testaments with me I expect, though I am reading it quite quickly and I should like to have reading matter on the train home as well as out. I am thoroughly enjoying it and I do not know where it is going to go. I didn’t see the twist in the Nickel Boys coming. To read two books in a row by two great writers is such a joy. If only the threat of further deaths and lockdowns weren’t hanging over us I’d say I was enjoying myself.

Stay safe. Keep well.

9 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 14th October 2020

  1. Surely the landlords of Wivenhoe would entertain a discussion about an animal as well regarded as MasterB? The rental market here about is very soft, as they say, so you might find someone willing to take a chance on such a remarkable creature. As for calendars, one for sure, two if you’ve got spares and let us know if you have stock still in the warehouse come December. So glad you’ve found a suitable program to create them and an enthusiastic printer.

    • I have only seen two suitable properties advertised. Both say no pets. I had a conversation about this with the estate agent and they agreed about having the pet conversation. However both properties have been let v quickly and I suppose that’s where my difficulty lies.
      I’ll put you down for two plus calendars. Final version to be agreed today, slightly different design; no white border on the front cover and a gallery on the rear. I should have them early next week. I must admit I was touched by the printer’s enthusiasm. He repeatedly said what a beautiful cat MasterB is. I could only agree.

      • Two plus sounds good. In these days of coronavirus, I’ve been taking Mr October’s slightly superior attitude of “all do all my best work from the comfort of the bed” to heart.

  2. So enjoying catching up. And I am pleased to see I am not alone in my disdain for WP’s block editor. I’ve been using it for nearly a year now, and I loathe it more each time. I really don’t understand the shift toward this format; it’s not intuitive, and it takes me twice as long to “build” a post this way. Ugh.

      • That’s a great find! Alas, I heard WP was going to eventually eliminate that option and shift everything to blocks. I’m all for change when it makes sense, but these block systems are a clunky step backward.

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