The Coronavirus Diaries, 16th October 2020

Unusually I am writing a post in the middle of the afternoon. I shall be going out shortly and then later meeting B&J for some socially distanced socialising outside. Which reminds me I need to put some Becks Blue in the fridge now.

Yesterday’s jaunt to Wivenhoe was both delightful and depressing. Delightful because each time I go there convinces me this is a place I could live. Depressing because the properties I looked at did not suit. I’ll do the depressing stuff first. I saw a very pretty cottage in a good location. As I had feared the living room was very small, but the garden was great, there were all sorts of quirky and interesting storage places, original features and cleverly adapted ones, but the real decider was the staircase which was vertiginous. The second property, also in a good location, in many ways suited me, but did not suit MasterB as there was a long balcony, but nowhere I could fit a catflap to give him access to the real outdoors. I haven’t completely ruled it out, but as it will probably be snapped up quickly it may rule me out. The third property was lovely, perfect in every way bar the location. It looked ok on the map but I tried the walk to the station and it was around twenty minutes. As my working day involves a lot of walking, the idea of struggling up the hill and into a housing estate in all weathers reduced my enthusiasm. It was also in a housing estate and I couldn’t see myself there.

Parts of Wivenhoe are surprisingly enthusiastic about hallowe’en. I mean it was 15th yesterday, so the decorations are going to be up for a while. I’m not a fan of hallowe’en, but I do like the neighbourhood witch sign. I think I’d keep that the year round.

A skull on the table

Early warning

Neighbourhood witch

My first goal on arrival was the Norwegian baker’s. I’d been told about it on my last visit but it was closed. Fortunately a quick internet search showed it closed at lunch time do I knew to make it my first call. My train was due in at just before 11.30. However before I reached the premises my eye was caught by a sign saying Wivenhoe Kitchen. Being a curious sort of person I went investigate. It was closed, but I learned it’s a new vegan enterprise, open on Saturdays only. While I studied the menu on the window, a friendly woman opened the door and spoke to me. So I add Bev to my list of lovely people in Wivenhoe I have now met.

Wivenhoe Kitchen

Opposite the baker’s is a glass workshop, and this rather lovely glass mosaic advertises its presence.

Glass mosaic

But I was following this sign:

Norwegian bakers

I was lucky when I arrived that there was one person leaving the shop and no queue. I went inside, and after a suitable amount of consideration made my choices. But the internet signal was poor and I couldn’t pay. Don’t worry said these two women who had never before set eyes on me, pay us when you get home.

The baker, Jessika

Her assistant

I tried again, and then realised a queue was forming outside. I also wanted to take photographs, so I said I’d see if I could get a better signal in the open. I could.

By now the queue had doubled, so in order to pay I had to join the back of it. The wait was worthwhile. And anticipation of good bread is a wonderful thing.

A keen customer

In case you go to Wivenhoe you might want to make a note of these opening hours.

Opening hours

And what’s on offer.

Make your choice

Or you might, like B, to whom I had sent a link to the website, knowing I was going there ask your personal shopper to bring back some goodies.

Emptying shelves

Can you wonder I’d like to move there?

More tomorrow.

Stay safe. Keep well. Eat your greens.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 16th October 2020

  1. We are completely in sync with your indecision about going or staying. A practical question – how many more years do you plan to be working? So much of your wonderful expertise, guide-wise, is your being a local. Would you feel that connection waning if you were commuting in just for work?

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