The Coronavirus Diaries, 18th October 2020

I was working today. The person answering my increasingly irritated queries on Twitter for TalkTalk was working today. The engineers weren’t. They don’t do weekends. Unbelievable. The internet has become like water and electricity, a utility, but it seems the engineers do office hours. I’ll leave it there

So some more Wivenhoe pictures. I am not sure now that we are gain living restricted lives if I’ll be able to return soon. I somehow doubt if viewing properties will be on the menu.

The path to the river

I have never been inside the church before, but on Thursday it was open. There was a meeting going about some music, possibly something that was going to be transmitted.

Wivenhoe church exterior

Wivenhoe church, interior

The tide was in and I took some photos of the harbour. If I do manage to move to Wivenhoe be prepared for hundreds of photos of this scene.

Fishing vessel in the harbour

Moody but nice

You can book places on this first boat for short and long trips

I hadn’t noticed this sign before. Is it a joke? A real name? I have no idea.

I have no idea

I am getting used to politically engaged, activist notices in Wivenhoe, so it was with a slight shock I realised this was the first time I had seen anything supporting Extinction Rebellion and migrants.


Further up the hill a blackbird sang in an unconcerned sort of way in a garden shrub.

Blackbird singing

Now I want to watch a new series on BBC1. Roadkill. So goodnight.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be active.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 18th October 2020

  1. My internet has been up and down over the past 3 days. The provider keeps hoping its been fixed. If it isn’t working, then I’m not working. That’s a fact for almost all of us in this new universe. But estate agents will always find a way to show you a property if you want to buy – I think our market was up and running out of control as soon as the most extreme lockdown measures were lifted. What are the residents of Wivenhoe called? Wivenhovians sounds like Dr Who fans. Wivenhoovers reminds me of how people who live in Baltimore don’t appreciate being called Baltimorons.

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