The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th October 2020

I am quite pleased with myself. I have found a way around the new block editor here at WordPress. It was by accident, as so many discoveries are. I didn’t have time to finish a post so saved the draft. when I returned to edit it, I saw there was an option to continue in classic editor. I hope this option remains.

We have just been sitting outside drinking wine. Three bottles (not necessarily all emptied) and members of three households. I had an early dinner as wine on an empty stomach isn’t a great idea for me. The others left for their evening repast a little while ago. We can meet as different households outside. Today has been warm, and tonight is very mild. Still, having Hartley on my knee as a furry hot water bottle was still pleasant. Coming inside to a cuddly MasterB nicer still.

Still no joy with my internet provider who also is my landline provider and to add to my woes the tv box (same provider) is no longer talking to the tv. So everything hinges on my ‘phone. I watched television last night courtesy of my phone’s hotspot, am posting this courtesy of the same. Amazing.

B had tried to fix my sewing machine, a gift from my parents when I turned eighteen. I am not, and have never been a keen sewer. But my older sister was, and that was she got when she turned eighteen so the precedent was set. It has been useful. I have made curtains, cushion covers, maybe even a dress, I’m not sure now. Knitting was more my thing. But when during lockdown I got it out to sew some seams which had come apart, the foot did not respond to the lever which should have clamped it to the material. b tried to mend it but no luck. Norma, a neighbour who sews and knits and bakes and cooks and gardens, and is a one woman craft factory advised me to take it to a place in Tooting, ‘by the Craft Centre’.

Back in the day I used to go to Tooting a lot. My friend Sue, now in Houston Tx, lived there. But as the years ahve passed my Tooting visits have dwindled. Craft Centre? I had no idea. Fortunately a quick duck duck go search (we don’t all want Google tracking our every move) located it. It shares a website with the sewing machine menders, and I presumed, a premises. Sewing machines are heavy. Did they have a car park? They did. I drove there yesterday, parked and joined a queue for the wrong building. It’s counter service only during the pandemic at the Craft Centre. Fortunately, an employee walked by, spotted the fairly obvious machine by my feet and directed me to a queue-free building further down the road.

It was not quite how I expected it to be. The door was open, there was no queue. The building was anonymous. There was a sign on the wall.

Sewing Machine Centre

I stepped into an area with a number of sewing machines and a staircase which had a barrier across it. No sound, no sight of anyone.


This is mega

It was fairly evident this was run by someone or a group of people with a passionate interest in sewing machines.


More machines

and yet more

I walked into a cavernous space wit res and rows of sewing machines which looked to my untutored eye as though they might belong in a factory or sweatshop.

A few models

I couldn’t see anyone. I called out a tentative hello, and followed the sound of the answering voice. My machine ws checked in with minimum fuss by an ageing man behind a counter. I don’t now recall if I even outlined the problem, I gave my name, my number and received a docket saying that once the repair was done if I didn’t collect it within a certain amount of time it would be sold.

I left. Obviously I should have preferred not to have a problem with my sewing machine, but I am grateful it gave me the opportunity and reason to visit the Sewing Machine Centre.

Fate works in mysterious ways.

Stay safe. Keep well. Treadle on.

5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 20th October 2020

  1. Thanks for the WordPress info…I am halfway through writing a blog in Classic so will try this. I did see you could add a plug in to get classic back but found out you had to pay more as a business user!

  2. Who doesn’t appreciate a well oiled machine (except in politics)? Or a warming cat. Do you think as the days get colder and outdoor meeting remain the mandate that cats might become a more valuable commodity?

    • And amazingly I received a call today to say it is ready!
      Could cats be more valuable? Hartley is very much part of our part when we meet outside. It is very mild here at the moment. In contrast with the beautiful weather yesterday though it is very wet here today.

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