The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th October 2020

Wow, I am reconnected: television, internet and landline. Will it last? I do hope so. It meant however that I had the dubious pleasure of watching some of the news and seeing news from Wisconsin where quite normal looking people said they intended to vote for Trump because they ‘don’t trust Biden’. I felt this needed more explanation. especially what they trust Trump with that don’t trust Biden with, though I have a feeling that would probably worry me quite a lot.

Toady has been busier than anticipated. I think I have said that before. I eventually cleared the sitting room floor of paper, but the papers weren’t as ordered as I had hoped. Still, it’s a start. Michèle gave me an old hand made quilt. I am not sure where she got it, but it was a bit damaged and rather grubby. I asked Carol’s advice about putting t in the washing machine. Yes, she said, but I’d need to repair it first. So sewing was added to my to do list. I can’t say my repairs were professional, and I think they are more temporary than permanent, but hopefully sufficient to stop it falling apart in the machine. I used the sewing machine and MasterB was intrigued by the moving needle. Not a good idea.

Parsley soup was on the menu for lunch, and I took a break from papers to make it. I had some squash to use up, so I popped that in too. Usually parsley soup is a lovely deep green colour. I can tell you that adding squash makes it look like a swamp. Tasted ok though.

I was tackling the sewing job when my mobile rang. It was the Open Reach engineer. His name was Lee, and as far as I am concerned he is fully entitled to wear his underpants over his trousers. The problem was recalcitrant, but Lee persevered, coming into the flat t check out that end of things. all seemed fine, the internet was restored, but the landline was still not cooperating. Out he went again to the green box in the street, and then in again, just getting off the street in time to miss a sudden hail shower. The weather today has been more April than October. We have had a variety of showers, some light with sunny skies and a rainbow, some heralded by dark clouds. Lee was surprised when I told him about being advised to keep checking the system in case it fixed itself despite no engineer working on it. He’d never heard that one before was his comment.

I am expecting the photographer tomorrow, and a rather pushy sounding member of the sales team. However, maybe that’s his telephone manner. When I first spoke to Adam, the senior agent, the first time I thought I would not get on with him, but subsequent conversations and meeting him in the flesh changed my opinion. We’ll see. I’ll have to do the dusting and vacuuming in the morning, tidy away MasterB’s toys and all that stuff. Honestly, who would move home?

Stay safe. Keep well.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 28th October 2020

  1. The only service people I trust are the ones who come to the house. But then they always complain that the problem was the bad wiring done by the previous service tech. Glad you are back on the ‘net and looking forward what happens next on your personal smash up of Sell This House and Escape to the Country.

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