The Coronavirus Diaries, 1st November 2020

It’s my half birthday and the universe seems to be telling me to leave things alone. I repeatedly forget to buy a lottery ticket in a shop, when I try to buy one online it doesn’t work; I make the decision to put my flat on the market and I turn down the virtual tour option, a second lockdown is announced immediately. Return to Go, go back two spaces, miss a turn, or whatever board game cliché you like.

I’m not sure how I feel about the flat, certainly some relief, but whether that is simply to do with knowing I can duck out of the stress of selling and buying for a while, or if I don’t really want to move, I don’t know.

I do love London in the autumn. With the dark streets lit by the lights of cafés, bars and restaurants I almost certainly shan’t go to, even the wettest night – and we’ve had a fair few of those this past week – takes on a fairy land look. Riding on the top deck of an almost empty bus, looking out at the capital is a pleasure. Then Celia and I came across a vegan café not far away with outdoor space where, when we can socialise again, we should be able to meet, and my world seems complete.

Celia’s fungus interest means I am always on the alert, and so it seems is our friend Nicola, who thinking of my habit of photographing specimens to send to Celia, photographed some to send to me to pass on.

I saw the best ones when I went to give blood on Friday. They were magnificent.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As they were in the grounds of the William Booth Memorial College I reckon Celia is going to have to turn up at reception with her best smile and most persuasive self to get to see them for herself. I think she’ll manage it. I shall work on Tuesday and then everything will grind to a halt once more. If I am not selling my flat I reckon it’s time for another jigsaw, maybe to get the sofa covered in cat claw proof Impala, and get to grips with online work. We’ll see. Stay safe. Keep well.

3 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 1st November 2020

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  2. We’d like to be in London this November too. Fingers crossed your new lockdown is swifter and more effective than the previous one. I’m hoping my personal brain fog will miraculously lift after Tuesday.

    • Watching the news tonight i was saddened to see the preparations for the anticipated unrest following the election. Trump’s assault on democracy in the US is horrific.

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