The Coronavirus Diaries,3rd November 2020

I don’t know they are coping in the US but I am finding this presidential election nerve wracking. I cannot watch the news. Today I client (English) said with absolute confidence that Trump will be re-elected. He also made some positive comments about Trump which just had the effect of depressing me.

It’s terrifying. If Trump is re-elected it won’t just be our cousins over the pond who will have to deal with the result, the rest of the world will too, and popularism will receive a shot in the arm that will be to the detriment of democracy everywhere. Racists, misogynists,
homophobes, will rejoice.

Not that Biden inspires me, but to almost quote Pru Leith from this year’s GBBO, you just don’t have to be Trump to be an improvement. This is a pivotal moment.

Stay safe. Keep well. Pray for the world.

11 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries,3rd November 2020

  1. I have been calm and confident all day long because people who study politics (from both parties) are predicting a Biden landslide. Now that the polls are closing and the slow process of reporting results county by county in each state, I am beginning to be very nervous. Because of the size of our country covering 4 time zones it take a long time for numbers to come in. I am prepared however, by having a quilt binding to sew on by hand, tea ready to brew, and snacks ready for the nervous munchies and a bottle of Champaign either for celebration or for hopeful signs. And I have been in contact with Canadian friends and they are thinking positive thoughts for a Biden win.

      • The votes are slow in coming in because of the high number of mail-in votes – that are also mostly for Biden. It is still close in so many important places. It looks like a Biden win is coming but it will be close. This is depressing for me because I want to believe we are better than this.

        • I find it so frightening that so many people are willing to vote for Trump. It spells out a long haul back to where we thought we were in the Obama period. The lesson we have to learn from this and from Brexit is that democracy is never won, it is something we have to defend and work out for ever.
          I hope you are right and Biden does win, though I fear the turmoil in your country whatever the result.

        • Yes, there will be turmoil. My brain is working so hard this morning and what I keep coming back to is that way too many people don’t have the ability to recognize and acknowledge lies and to be able to think through and recognize false statements. So many people hate and distrust those who are educated so they have nowhere to turn for information that is reliable.

        • Also that there are so many people deliberately trying to mislead. This isn’t mischief, it is something much more dangerous and threatening.

        • Thanks, interesting and mostly accurate by what I am hearing. The only incomplete information is her statement was about Trump increasing his support across all groups. This is true because our voting rate was very, very high, but a higher percentage voted for Biden in all groups but white non-college educated men and Latinos. I also think Trump did very well with Hispanics. At this point the path to Biden winning is much wider than for Trump. We are just waiting for all the mail-in votes to be counted in 5 key states, all of which are very close at this point.

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