The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th November 2020

So having seen our first Christmas decorated balcony the other day Celia and passed a house with a Christmas tree all set up in the living room. I have received my first Christmas card and I saw a woman wearing a Christmas themed bobble hat although the day has been extremely mild. Are these all symptoms of lockdown stress?

Not this lockdown is anything like the last one. Loads of businesses are open, we saw a P5 bus (a route that for reasons that remain a mystery to me Celia has a particular fondness for), and we stop and talk to neighbours in the street more often than we wave at them from a distance.

One thing that is the same is the resumption of daily walks. I have walked with Celia, with Octavia and on my own. I expect to walk with Cynthia in a day or two. My bike helmet broke but Bridget has rescued me by lending me one of hers; next to pump up the tyres and dust off the leaves and spiderwebs which accompanied me on my ride last week.

Celia and revisited Cancell Road and saw a house for sale. I looked it up when I got home, over £1million. So somewhat beyond my budget. Octavia and I were very taken by the furniture made from pallets by workers on the super sewer at Vauxhall.

Outside seating
A closer look

In Camberwell Celia and I found some hops. I’m not convinced these are destined for use in the brewing industry, but Southwark used to be the centre of the hop market, hence the Hop Exchange next door to Borough Market.


No walk with Celia at this time of year would be complete without some fungi spotting.


At home MasterB inspected my completed jigsaw.


As night falls earlier and earlier we walk through darkened streets and look at the city lights.

It was only five o’clock

Stay safe. Keep well. Carry on walking.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 10th November 2020

  1. Well I got my first holiday card of the season just the other day…now where did that come from? That pallet furniture is brilliant – particularly the side writing desk. I commiserate on the price of the property on Cancell Street though it sounds like a bargain. Priced out of one’s neighborhood is very story of gentrification.

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