The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th November 2020

I have not been at my brightest and best these last couple of days; nothing wrong with my physical health, just a bit of the Coronavirus/Lockdown blues.

The urge to hibernate is very strong when I feel like this. So far I have resisted and today I enjoyed a walk with Cynthia which helped. I am doing another jigsaw which Charlie has passed on to me.. Taking things slowly, taking things easy. It’s about removing pressure, eating well, playing with MasterB. It’s just that it feels there is nothing positive on the horizon. A letter in the post reminds me it’s time to renew my contents insurance. Necessary but not exactly a cause for celebration. There is a vaccine, but I doubt a) if it’s vegan and b) if I will be able to get one any time soon. Brexit gets closer and closer and the only good thing I can think of about that is that it will mean the day we rejoin the EU will also advance.

Johnson announced a huge increase in the defence budget. It will create jobs in the UK. So we shall continue to make money selling weapons to other countries. Forgive me if I am not cheering. Over and over the weapons industry is defended on the grounds it provides employment. It also kills.

I am so bored with Trump’s postering and I have to remind myself he wants to stand again in 2024. I do not want to be the sort of person who wishes for the death of another, but looking at Trump’s girth, hearing of his love of fast food and fizzy drinks, it does cross my mind that he may not make it to 2024. He would no loss. I should not be sorry never to hear his name again. What a blot on humanity.

Searching for a more cheerful note on which to end and I am pleased to report that Morrison’s has a very nice, vegan, organic Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. I am happy to keep testing it. This morning while I drank my coffee MasterB, in fine fettle after a good night’s sleep, sped around the flat, chased his biscuit ball, looked at the view from every window and made comments on whatever he saw, then clambered onto me and claimed my lap obviously telling me it was time for a bit of affection. No one seeing him so happy, so confident, so assertive, could imagine how easily the other cats intimidate him. I am glad he has his safe space and enjoys not. He certainly does wonders for me.

Stay safe. Keep well. Be kind to yourself.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th November 2020

  1. Pandemic and political chaos causing one’s usual winter despair to deepen? Why yes, if you asked. I watched a Japanese maple tree full of brilliant red leaves absolutely shake from the weight of several dozen Bushtits hopping about in celebration of a recent rain. Nature, and MasterB, seem to be the only way to go. Those of us who enjoy MasterB second hand appreciate your efforts. Also I’m completing a massive jigsaw – I could have a courier service mail it.

    • I have also realised that all six series of The Brokenwood mysteries, an NZ detective series, easy watching, full of country music, humour, bizarre plot lines, and great scenery, are being repeated on freeview. I am sure you must be able to find it on one of the very many US channels. Tonight is Gogglebox so that is something to look forward to.
      If only we could teleport our jigsaws for free you could be part of our jigsaw syndicate.

  2. I am so sorry I can’t bring you any cheerful words and thoughts. These times are so difficult and gloomy.
    But I do remember how comforting was the company and activities of our cat and dogs!!!

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