The Coronavirus Diaries, 22nd November 2020

I still have a degree of lockdown brain fog, but this afternoon, in search of empty streets, and it being a beautiful day so the parks would be full, I headed for the Square Mile. The City is usually quiet at the weekend, lockdown or not, so I was more than a bit surprised to find hoards of people walking beside the river between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Why? I don’t know. It was weird.

Social distancing wasn’t really evident. I mean, if you had just arrived from a Covid free place (Mars perhaps) and hadn’t heard of the two metre rule, you wouldn’t have noticed anything that would have helped you work it out. There was a photography group at work in St Dunstan’s in the East, a popular place for photography students and clubs. I took pictures too, some of which I hope to use in my work.

I know we are learning to live with Covid, but this feels more like ignoring it. I am confused. So I came home and did the ironing, fed MasterB and went to have a socially distanced drink with Celia, outside. Is that allowed? To be honest I think it isn’t, but I’m not sure how it’s worse than walking along a path crowded with strangers in the City.

I had my fourth Covid test yesterday morning as party of the survey being carried out by the Office for National Statistics. I anticipate a fourth negative result, but if it’s positive that’ll mean days of isolation and that will be difficult.

I just wish I could see an end to this.

Stay safe. Keep well.

5 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 22nd November 2020

  1. Just back from a late afternoon, early evening walk and saw my first Christmas tree lit up and decorated inside someone’s front room with Halloween skeletons still sitting in the front garden. “Black Friday” day after Thanksgiving sales started a week before Thanksgiving. No wonder we are confused.

  2. Barcelona is locked down every weekend, from friday’s dawn to monday’s dawn, so all neighbours that haven’t left the city on time meet at the most popular spots within the municipality borders. It is a hard job to find a safe itinerary to dodge the crowds!

  3. I guess that’s because we are human beings behaving similarly out of egoism and ignorance.
    As to me, I am worried but trying to live as cautiously and happily as I can!

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