The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th November 2020

I have been suffering from lockdown/coronavirus blues. So the fact that the end is in sight is a huge relief and mood lifter. Poor folk in tier 3 and people in Leicester in particular. Leicester has been in almost continuous lockdown for months. But bad though the lockdown blues are, I prefer them to the terrifying prospect of the virus rampaging through the population to ‘protect the economy’ as some argue, the MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell being one. A compelling reason not to move to Romford if ever I heard one.

His interview on the tv news was a study in opinion over fact. Most statements were prefaced by the words “It seems to me..” and he clinched his ‘arguments’ by saying he had spoken to many of his constituents and they felt the measures were unnecessary and had gone too far. Even Boris Johnson, a man who cannot resist jollying up information with confusing imagery, scores higher on the talking sense scale than Rosindell. Not that it’s a high bar. The evidence is that countries who have taken controlling infection seriously have made the best economic recovery. It’s not a binary choice 0f letting people die or saving the economy, the two go hand in hand.

So I am looking forward to meeting a small group of friends outside next week to celebrate the end of lockdown 2. We will have hot water bottles, maybe rugs, almost certainly chips, not sure what drinks; I am leaning towards hot ginger cordial at the moment but that may well change. We will also be together in the fresh air. Yes, it will be great when it’s safe enough for us to all meet up indoors, great when we can travel, great when I can visit my family in Ireland, it will be great. I think it’s worth waiting for.

At least in this second lockdown I have been able to read. I have just finished my first JoJo Moyes – The Girl You Left Behind. I associated Moyes with chicklit, not a genre that attracts me. However, I read an article, a review, maybe an interview, I don’t recall what, some months ago which made me think I was missing something. So when I saw a copy of The Girl you Left Behind on the swap exchange shelf at the marina, I brought it home. I really enjoyed it. It’s well written, and well researched. I spoke to Michèle about it, and the chicklit label. Ah, she said, a classic putdown of women writers. And I think she’s right. Now Michèle has had the first of her cataract operations and can read again I have passed it to her. I know she has a huge pile of books demanding her attention, so I am not expecting any feedback anytime soon, but I am curious to hear what she has to say.

Stay safe. Keep well. Don’t prejudge authors.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 27th November 2020

  1. incredibly good point about the term ‘chicklit” as a way of putting down popular women writers. The style of cover illustrations are also very stereotypical, and I always avoid them – I’m going to have to reconsider!

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