The Coronavirus Diaries, 3rd December 2020

I cannot say how good it feels to be out of lockdown, to be able to meet friends outside in the cold, to drink Prosecco and eat chips in their company while wrapped up in numerous layers, each of us cuddling a hot water bottle on a dark December evening. It feels good enough to have survived a day of almost constant rain which I have spent largely indoors, working at some notes, sitting at the table. It’s not raining now and MasterB has gone outside, so I am writing this before I fetch him in and we make tracks for bed. I didn’t watch the news tonight and I have hardly looked at Twitter, so am not rolling my eyes at ridiculous claims by members of the government regarding the vaccine and Brexit. Playground stuff, and playground stuff of which we have had four years. It gets draining listening to the nonsense and then hearing it repeated in the sycophantic portions of the press. Enough.

I watched Twelve Puppies and Us. Delightful. I want to know if the St Bernard succeeds as a companion dog to the little boy living with cerebral palsy and no speech. I want to know if the two spaniels learn to love each other, if Leia continues to be the apple of her family’s eye.

I have some work on Saturday. I hesitate to say it’s paid work because what I earn depends on how many people sign up for it and at the moment it looks like any bus fares will barely be covered, but I have had an exchange of texts about work at Twixtmas, a booking just before Christmas from someone who runs a cake shop wants to know about how the story of the City and the history of slavery are connected. Seasonal stuff.

Now it is December I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas cards and Christmas presents. Some are bought, Octavia’s is even wrapped, as is her birthday present. Post is so erratic I feel cards need to be posted as soon as possible. Michèle has invited me to come to her flat on Christmas Day for lunch. I am undecided. We would be three households, which is allowed, but it will be indoors, the windows will be closed. Ideal conditions for the virus. But we have all been careful. Shall I? Shan’t I? Michèle is being understanding about my hesitancy. No pressure, so I think I’ll see how the next week or so goes.

I have nearly finished my camomile tea and when I do I shall fetch the boy. Camomile is said to have calming, sedative qualities. I drank two cups of it before bed last night and slept so soundly. I am hoping for a repeat performance tonight. Both nights I have steeped the camomile for longer than usual in my little vacuum flask. The result is a very dark brew, and of course it’s still hot thanks to the flask. It tastes good, not over brewed, just pleasant.

I haven’t posted many pictures here recently. Although I am coming to terms with the block editor, the images bit id excruciating. Can anyone please tell me how you can import more than one picture at a time, and how you can choose the size of the picture? Life is too short for these needless complications.

Stay safe. Keep well. Socialise responsibly.


13 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 3rd December 2020

  1. Yes, many cheers for good company, chips, Prosecco and hot water bottles.
    The rain kept me inside all day – not even into the garden.
    Just watched and thoroughly enjoyed the first programme of Andrew Marr’s
    “New Elizabethans” – fascinating and diverse choice of people.

    • I went out a couple of times – thank goodness for my snazzy gum boots – but it was a good incentive to stay in and crack on with my notes. I also had the fairy lights, which as you know I have all year round, turned on in the sitting room, they made me smile each time a looked at them. Simple pleasures!

  2. I haven’t been able to upload more than one photo at a time. To change size click on photo once it has been uploaded into the post, click on corner and drag it to the smaller size that you desire.
    I have found that drinking chamomile tea also helps me to sleep better. I have periodically drank it before bed and slept well, stopped because it wasn’t convenient to make it and didn’t sleep well for a period of time, got tired of being tired all day so decided to try chamomile again and slept really good (repeated this process a few times) and now am a believer. Hope it works for you tonight. 🙂

  3. The problem with the WordPress Gallery is that it is just a tiling system. If you want to display your pictures as a montage, you can get a free app and insert the finished montage as a single image displaying pictures scaled to your preference. WordPress design functions are quite basic and clunky.

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