The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th December 2020

I have made a bit of dent in my Christmas card writing. It’s not much, but at least there are a gathering of ticks on my list. It’s funny how receiving a card can be so lovely, and yet writing them is a bit of a chore. I was going to post the ones to people in various locations in mainland Europe, but the post office queue snaked up the street and I didn’t want to go further afield. I hope to get to the City tomorrow, so I’ll take them with me and buy some more stamps or the UK ones while I am at it. Once the cards are written and the gifts wrapped, I think I’ll put up some decorations. By which I mean fairy lights. I love fairy lights. I have some all the year round, solar powered ones which brighten up dull days and winter evenings. I don’t have a tree. I don’t want one and I dread to think what havoc MasterB could wreak if I suddenly changed my mind.

Other than fairy lights I have a couple of baubles, some bells, and tea lights, real and electric will complete the decorations unless I go the whole hog and deploy the tinsel. I often have tea lights at Christmas, but for some reason this winter I am loving lighting candles in the evening. I even bought a new one today, lightly scented. Strongly scented candles don’t do it for me usually. Celia says she has been using candles more too. If we meet in the garden they are great, and even provide a little warmth. I may buy some little holders to take outside.

I was thinking I’d spend the hours waiting for the telephone engineer dusting and writing cards, but amazingly he turned up at half past one, and so suddenly I was free. How wonderful. The landline is restored, he was quick and efficient. I am back at one with that part of technology. Not unfortunately with the heated towel rail in the bathroom. After a discussion with an electrician and with a plumber, it seems the best thing is to replace it. It seems very wasteful, but lacking the skills to sort it out myself I feel a bit stuck. Also I am realising more and more how much it heats the bathroom and the hall. I am missing having warm towels to wrap round myself when I get out of the shower. So, I looked online to see if anyone stocked one similar in size to the one I have now. There seemed to be a couple, but the blurb didn’t make it clear enough to be sure they would work as independent heaters, not connected to a heating system for me to feel confident enough to place an order. However, the site helpfully provided a contact email for customer questions. I used it. A reply came today. It was useless. It didn’t answer my question and didn’t seem to have been written by someone with any interest in supporting customers. This is obviously going to take longer and be more difficult than I had hoped.

Book wise, I have been reading The Ghost by Robert Harris. I like his writing and have enjoyed several of his novels. This one I found harder to get into. I’m there now, but with only around forty pages to go, it’s taken a while. I have another of his from the library, Enigma. But what I really want to get my hands on is a copy of Maggie O’Farrell’s book Hamnet. I’ll keep checking the library’s e-stock and hope I can borrow a copy soon.

Stay safe. Keep well. Enjoy your Christmas cards.

4 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 9th December 2020

  1. Deploy the Tinsel MasterB!
    Tinsel deploying ma’am!
    We’ve sprung for a wreath again but this year’s is largely leaves and herbs rather than pine. Still it makes for a fragrant waft when passing by.

  2. I can’t but fully agree with you that receiving cards is lovely but writing them is quite a bit of a chore.
    Thinking of the smiles they will arise helps me, though.

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