The Coronavirus Diaries, 26th December 2020

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas. I am. There is something rather nice about pared down festivities, though I was amazed at how many shops were open on the Walworth Road and Bermondsey Street today. My home twinkles with fairy lights, and glows with candles. The candles are all white, but the fairy lights in the sitting room comprise pink flamingos, blue stars, and green Christmas trees. The fairy lights in the hall are white and cream. The wine in the glass is red.

I still have three presents to unwrap. When I was little the excitement was all about the actual presents, now it is the fun of anticipation. Deferred gratification has something to be said for it. That is snot to say that the presents so far divested of their paper have disappointed, far from it. Lovely books, a scarf, a t-shirt (striped), chutney (I broke the accompanying jam when I dropped the present), Booja Booja chocolates, a gift voucher for a fabulous sum. We didn’t win the lottery yesterday but it almost seems churlish to mention that.

Christmas Day was bright and very cold. As my sitting room was flooded with sunshine the low temperatures outside were something of a shock. The park was full of dogs and their people. It was good. Today looked cold; grey and dull bit was actually mild. I had a late start, enjoying a grass matinée reading my book, while MasterB slept on my leg under the quilt. Hartley and Romeo had a late breakfast.

After my own lunch Celia and I met up for a walk. We had no destination in mind to start with, but at Celia’s suggestion walked towards Tower Bridge, then along the river to Borough before heading home. We dropped in at Southwark cathedral, but saw no sign of Hodge, the new cathedral cat. Along the way we came across two benches we hadn’t seen before, despite the fact that they are yards from where we walked the other week, and in an area where I have walked often.

There were quite a number of people walking by the river. Is walking going to be a habit established in Coronavirus that continues when we are allowed to meet again in each others’ homes and other places? That would be a silver lining.

back at home there was a short amount of time to feed Hartley outside, MasterB inside, prepare a jug of alcohol free gin and orange juice to have near me ready for an online event lead by my friend and colleague Chris. I hadn’t banked on MasterB settling down on my lap and making refills impossible. It was all very sociable with familiar faces from close by to across the pond, and fun.

With my new candle habit I may have to return to IKEA next week. Lights in the darkness are something I think I’m going to appreciate while we wait for spring to come.

Stay safe. Keep well.


8 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 26th December 2020

  1. Just how was “Hodge” selected? The name is obvious but I’m wondering how the slate of potential cats was made. Was there a talent portion of the competition? Or was it first come, first served as with our original Doorkins?

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