The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd January 2021

Celia and went for a walk this afternoon. Our goal was the Southbank where we had seen lights and signs of festivities a few weeks ago. There were still lights and a fair number of stalls selling food and drink, but most people seemed to be enjoying the view of the river and a walk as the afternoon turned into evening.

It would appear that with the restrictions on what we can do and where we can do it, more and more people are strolling the streets. There are an enormous number of beguiling puppies. Covid has made much of the last twelve months pretty bleak, but people discovering the joys of walking has to be a positive. Those who have acquired canine companions will obviously be out pounding the pavements and parks, will the rest retire to bars and restaurants? We saw a few runners. This is the time of year when those running the London marathon start taking their training seriously. There was no marathon in 2020. What are the chances in 2021?
I’m back on the comfort food, after chips and Cava shared by Zoom on New Year’s Eve, last night I had pasta, and tonight it was brown lentils and coriander. I have some left, enough for a meal, so that’s Monday sorted. There’s a vat of red lentil curry ready for tomorrow. I’ll either freeze what I don’t eat, or have it later in the week.

My Christmas cards and decorations are still up, though I don’t know I’ll last until 6th. I managed to reconnect the earth wire from the record deck to the amp this afternoon. It was fiddly, the screw was very difficult to undo, MasterB was keen to be involved, and I felt a great sense of achievement when I put a Sophie Tucker album on the turntable and the last of the red hot mamas was heard again in my sitting room.

Yesterday was a grey day. Late nights don’t suit me. I didn’t get enough sleep on Thursday night, so I was pleased to have Robert Harris’ novel Lustrum to get on with. There’s a lot about populism in it, so although the book is about Cicero and Ancient Rome, it feels very pertinent to our time. The plan is to go on reading it once I have done the washing up.

Stay safe. Keep well. Fact check your politicians.

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 2nd January 2021

  1. I can’t but tenderly smile while reading your words about your day. It’s so nice to share with you what you share with us…!

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