The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th January 2021

I have spent much of the day in front of the computer screen so this post may be short. If only I had established and maintained a streamlined online filing system life would be so much better. I spend hours searching for lost documents and pictures. Still.

Tomorrow I shall probably be glued to the news hoping the inauguration of Joe Biden will happen smoothly and peacefully, that the events of two weeks ago will be like creatures in a cheap B movie about Hallowe’en, sunk back into the ground with a ghastly but hammy sucking sound, and then swiftly forgotten.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you. And we won’t.

Reading reports it sounds as though all may be quiet, but unfortunately these abhorrent creatures will not have gone away, they will be waiting their moment. Maybe if the moment passes or seems never likely to come they will shake their head like characters in other B movies who wake and realise everything was just a dream, and resume lives as reasonable people. I hope.

Hope should not be sneered at. Sometimes it is all we have. It is easy to condemn those around Trump who are now coming forward and telling how it was for them. But being bullied is not an easy place to be, and who do you whistle blow to when your boss, the bully is POTUS?

For the UK government whose handling of coronavirus has been lamentable to put it mildly, the situation in the US must be a godsend. We are so glued to events across the pond the fall out from Brexit long predicted and as long scorned as Project Fear has begun. Naturally it is not the government’s fault. It’s the EU, those who voted Remain, the virus, who are to blame. Fish rotting because they cannot be exported? They are happy fish according Jacob Rees Mogg who cannot stop smiling now he knows his untaxed millions in the Cayman Islands are safe in from EU scrutiny. Happy fish. Ah well, that it makes it all ok then.

Although fishing has had a lot of coverage it is not the industry most hit by Brexit. many businesses who had followed the government’s guidelines to prepare or this momentous time have found the guidelines are not worth the paper they were written on. Rather like government promises. Remember this anyone?

Wouldn’t it be be better if people were to go into politics because they wanted to help the people of the country where they live and people around the world rather than see it as a career, a path to personal wealth and power, an extension of their already entitled lives? People like Jo Cox who was murdered by a member of the far right? I know who I’d rather see leading this country.

Stay safe. Keep well.


6 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries, 19th January 2021

  1. I shall raise a cup of coffee in your general direction tomorrow at noon, East Coast time. May it be a good first step towards reclaiming our global sanity,

  2. Let’s hope the inauguration of Joe Biden develops peacefully and contributes to a peaceful era in the USA and around the world!!!

    • Did you watch it? I did and found it both moving and emotional. I hope and believe he is the right person for this time. I am just so glad Trump’s tenure is at an end.

  3. I was moved by Amy Klobuchar’s speech, emotional throughout Biden’s and just lost it listening to Amanda Gorman. I just hope someone can come to the fore over here who will stir me as much: sadly, I don’t see it being Starmer………….

    • The poem was the high point for me. And the relief that came through every link piece by Amy Klobuchar reflected in the faces around her. Breaths exhaled that had been held in for four years. Perhaps our road hasn’t been as rocky as the US’ but Starmer is still the safe pair of hands which may help deliver us from our own nightmare.

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